Apex Legends: pro streamer creates a new world record after reaching over 100000 RP in a single ranked split

Trenton Clements or more commonly known as “lou” is a professional Apex Legends streamer for Complexity Gaming.

This American professional gamer just created a new world record as he just crossed the 100000 RP mark in Apex Legends’ ranked mode within a single split. Apex Legends introduced two ranked spit awhile ago to make more room for multiple maps.

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So, players now have to play both splits on Kings Canyon and World’s Edge respectively to unlock all the rewards for climbing the ranked ladder. There are some specific rewards that can be unlocked only if you reach the predator ranks on both splits. This can be really difficult as only the top 500 players in each region can be Apex Predator.

New World Record:

Nobody in the past has achieved this feat in Apex Legends before within a single split. Lou teamed up with some fellow Apex Legends pro players and content creators to achieve this new world record.

Lou Apex Legends
Image via Lou’s Twitter

Unfortunately, there are no rewards for reaching over 100000 RP in Apex Legends’ ranked mode as of now. Although that might change in the future with this new record. Following the sudden death of his father awhile back, Lou started to grind extra hard in the ranked mode.

Furthermore, most of the notable figures in the Apex Legends community congratulated him for creating a new world record.

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Even the devs at Respawn reacted to this impossible feat. Suffices to say that Respawn really needs to add some sort of new badge or dive trail for players who crosses 100000 RP in a single split to let them stand out from other top predators in the game.

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