Apex Legends player threatening others with IP ban while pretending to be a Respawn “admin”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

A really angry Apex Legends player resorted to threatening other players in the lobby with an IP ban while pretending to be an “admin” from Respawn Entertainment.

All this began when a player with the username u/incredibly_sad was having a good game on the Xbox platform. After squad wiping a whole team of random players in Apex Legends, this player received some messages on Xbox from someone claiming to be some sort of admin from Respawn.

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Apparently, this so-called admin thinks u/incredibly_sad might have cheated in the game. Therefore, he proceeded to threaten u/incredibly_sad with an IP ban claiming to be an admin from Respawn.

IP ban threats

This player literally pretended to be some sort of authoritative figure from Respawn and threatens normal players with a permanent IP ban. Later he also claims that Respawn pays him to ban “idiots” like u/incredibly_sad from Apex Legends.

On the internet people sometimes impersonates other people just for the hell of it. And this player is literally role-playing as a Respawn employee to threaten other players with a ban if he thinks they are cheating in the game.

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Cheating is a major issue in Apex Legends, but pretending to be someone else and threatening others with bans can be categorized as the same level of crime as a cheater.

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