Apex Legends players want a “Throwback Weekends” featuring all the maps in their previous iterations

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Fans of the popular battle royale game Apex Legends have been asking Respawn to bring back all the old maps in their original forms.

Respawn has a tendency to nuke some part of the map for a collection event to keep things fresh for players. But in the process of keeping things fresh, they sometimes remove some part of the maps that are often considered to be fan favorites.

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On top of that, Respawn also changed the clear blue skies of some of the maps to a more muted color. And some players in the community really prefer the original look. And Skull Town is also a part of the reason why Apex Legends Players want the original Kings Canyon to return. Skull town has been proven to be everyone’s favorite place to drop.

"Throwback Weekends" Apex Legends
Image via Respawn

Even some of the developers have explained they had to remove Skull Town from Kings Canyon since all the players would usually flock to the exact drop zone making everything else irrelevant.

Throwback Weekends

Apex Legends players are now asking Respawn to add a new game mode called “Throwback Weekends” where a previous iteration of the map will be available to play all weekend long. This would satisfy both OG and new players who never had the chance to enjoy the original iteration of these maps.

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Jason McCord who is the design director at Respawn Entertainment assured that they might bring back the old Kings Canyon in one form or another. The inclusion of such a game mode would definitely please a lot of players at the same time. Consequently, it will definitely give players more options on which map they want to play.

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