Skull Town might actually return to Apex Legends in a way that is “more healthy”, according to a Respawn dev

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Skull town is probably one of the most iconic parts of the Kings Canyon map in Apex Legends. Even though it is still not that old, some players already consider this part of the map with the likes of Dust 2 from Counter-Strike.

The popularity of this place was very obvious as players would repeatedly drop in this exact location time and time again. Anyone that ever played a couple of match in Apex Legends knows that Skull town will always be a hot drop location.

However, in season 5, Respawn decided to get rid of the fan-favorite part of the map as it was hindering creativity. In a recent interview with gamasutra, Jason McCord who is the design director at Respawn Entertainment explained how the popularity of Skull Town apparently severely hindered their ability to create more interesting new changes to the map.

When discussing how we want to update Kings Canyon in Season 5, anything we could think of felt overshadowed by Skull Town. It’s such a popular drop – would anyone even care if we added all these other locations?“, Jason McCord on Skull Town being too popular.

Skull Town Apex Legends
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Furthermore, to give players more options than just Skull Town Respawn decided to completely remove Skull Town from the game in season 5’s map update. Even now, whenever players get a chance to experience Skull Town they drop at the same spot over and over again. The recent limited-time night mode Kings Canyon was a great example.

Skull Town might return?

Since the popularity of this particular drop zone is still legendary, players would still love to see Skull town in one form or another.

I want to think about ways to allow people to experience the location again, in a way that is more healthy for the game overall. I have no idea what that means but I’ll be thinking on it!“, Jason McCord When asked whether or not players will be able to experience Skull town once again.

Therefore, players might still get some chances in the future to experience the thrill of hot dropping in skull town once again. Although he didn’t exactly mention when players will be able to experience all that. Right now, Skull Town isn’t healthy for the game as a whole.

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