A Respawn dev reveals old Titanfall 1 single-player campaign footage

Apparently there are actually more prototype footage available

Jason McCord who is the Design Director at Respawn Entertainment just revealed some old test footage featuring a prototype single-player mission from the first Titanfall game.

Titanfall was a brainchild of the original Call of duty modern warfare developers. After parting ways with Activision, Vince Zampella currently the CEO of Respawn Entertainment along with some old COD developers decided to make something with a totally different vibe than what Call of Duty was offering back then.

And Titanfall was their first foray into making AAA quality modern multiplayer shooter games. Back in 2014, Respawn Entertainment released The first Titanfall game. However, the game only shipped with a multiplayer game mode. As there was no single-player game mode on sight, many First Person Shooter fans were really disappointed.

Dev reveals old Titanfall 1 single-player footage:

As it turns out, Respawn did work on a single-player campaign for the original Titanfall game. Unfortunately, Respawn decided to scrap all the work and focus only on the multiplayer game mode as it was their main focus. However, Respawn did eventually make a single-player campaign for the Titanfall’s sequel.

Suffices to say that the fans of the Titanfall universe truly appreciated the single-player campaign from Respawn. Additionally, the time travel mission in Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign was one of the best single-player missions in recent history.

Titanfall 1 single player campaign prototype footage
Image via Respawn Entertainment

In this short clip, Josh revealed a demo that featured a Worker Base Prototype mission where the protagonist seems to have infiltrated some sort of Base of operation. And players also saw a glimpse of MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity) which is the exact same model as the Pathfinder from Apex Legends.

The game director of Apex Legends Chad Grenier also chipped in and teased the whole Titanfall fanbase with more prototypes that are still not available for the public. “Before this remember rooftops prototype? Lol. Maybe someday we can show the world the operator demo too“, Chad Grenier on more prototype footage.

Hopefully, one-day Respawn Entertainment can share more of those prototype footage. Since Titanfall 3 is no longer happening, fans of the Titanfall series who loved the excellent single-player campaign from the Titanfall 2 will have to make do with these prototypes.

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