Apex Legends: Respawn pulls back blog containing details about a new Pathfinder LTM called “Fight Night”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

EA’s official website accidentally posted details regarding the upcoming stories from the outlands trailer for Pathfinder titled “Fight Night”.

Recently, Apex Legends Twitter account also accidentally leaked a gameplay trailer of the limited-time game mode. Following the unintended reveal of information surrounding the stories from the outlands trailer, Respawn quickly pulled back the blog.

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Turns out, the trailer alongside the blog was supposed to go live on Tuesday, December 29th. As of writing, the webpage is not available. However, the gameplay trailer that accidentally leaked strongly indicates this new Limited-time game mode might be some sort of Town takeover event featuring Pathfinder.


What is a town take over event?

A town takeover event is basically an event that is themed after a particular legend. Usually, this town takeover event takes place in a random part of the map and adds some sort of legend specific gameplay elements.

For example, in the past, legends like Bloodhound, Crypto, Wraith, Octane had town takeover events that also came with special limited-time game modes. Seems like this time our favorite Robot will finally get a chance to shine with a possible boxing game mode.

Since Pathfinder’s heirloom is literally a boxing glove, it wasn’t surprising that MRVN had mysterious past fighting in the ring. This new story trailer might give players a glimpse into his past.

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Additionally, the blog also mentioned “Not everyone makes it twelve rounds. Watch the latest installment of the Stories from the Outlands – “Fight Night”, further confirming all the rumors and leaks.

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