Apex Legends ‘Fight Night’ Pathfinder bundle: release date across different time zones, kill equip, skin, gun charm

Apex Legends’ latest collection event ‘Fight Night’ is just around the corner. It will feature a Pathfinder themed town takeover event, an heirloom for Gibraltar, and more.

Pathfinder is about to get the town takeover event that is a new limited-time game mode that will incentivize players into a fair boxing match in one portion of the map Olympus. While in the zone, players won’t be able to use their weapons.

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Any outside attack will not inflict any damage to the players that are inside the zone. Since this is a collection event, there are some amusing event-exclusive skins for players to collect. Turns out, the Pathfinder skin teased in the reveal trailer will be available as a bundle.

Pathfinder Fight Night Bundle:

The skin bundle will contain Pathfinder’s ‘Fight Night’ skin, “Fedora” Pathfinder gun charm and “anniversary” kill equip.

Fight Night Bundle release date time zones:

Pathfinder skin bundle alongside the new event is scheduled to launch on:
Jan 5: 8PM PT / 9PM MT / 10PM CT / 11PM ET
Jan 6: 1AM BRT / 4AM UK / 5AM EU / 9:30AM IST / 1PM JST

Fight Night Pathfinder skin:

Pathfinder Fight Night skin
Image via Shrugtal

Fight Night Pathfinder kill equip:

Pathfinder’s event exclusive kill equip is called “Anniversary”.

Fight Night Pathfinder gun charm:

"Fedora" Pathfinder gun charm
Image via Shrugtal

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