The 10 Best Crypto Skins of Apex Legends in 2024

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Credit: EA

In this article, we’ll talk about the 10 best Crypto skins that Respawn has released in Apex Legends so far.

When we talk about recon Legends in a fast-moving game like Apex Legends, we rarely think of Crypto. He is quite immobile, and using his abilities leaves you very vulnerable. This is visible in his very low pick rate in Apex. Still, any experienced and adept Crypto mains will be able to support his team with a lot of utility.

Although Crypto wasn’t very popular at the beginning, through some buffs and nerfs, he is now one of the most played legends in the highest level of competitive Apex Legends. Since Season 3, Respawn has released a fairly diverse collection of skins for this secret Legend in the game.

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The Crypto Skins list was last updated after Season 19 Ignite

How Many Crypto Skins are there in Apex Legends?

With the release of Season 19, Respawn has released 77 skins for Crypto. And among them, there are 25 legendary, 11 epic, 25 rare, and 16 common skins for Crypto.

Our 10 Favorite Crypto Skin Picks

Here, we’ll look at some of the best-looking legendary Crypto skins that Respawn has made so far. Though Crypto has limited legendary skins, he has some of the coolest-looking ones, and this top-ten list will serve as a reference for players. While each of these skins is amazing in its own right, we have gone over visuals, themes, and, finally, a subjective pick in our top 10 list. So, you might disagree, but you might also be surprised!

10. Nomad Overseer

Nomad Overseer
Credit: EA
Release DateMarch 9, 2021
Available viaChaos Theory Collection Event

Respawn went to a different path while creating the Nomad Overseer skin for Crypto. Respawn gave Crypto a secret ancient Asian warrior look, which is not surprising as Crypto is a great warrior who has been fighting his whole life. Nomad Overseer was released in the Chaos Theory Collection Event in Season 8.

9. Seeker of Knowledge

Seeker of Knowledge
Credit: EA
Release DateJune 23, 2020
Available viaLost Treasures Collection Event

Crypto is the smartest of all Legends in the game. He has survived his life and the Apex game through his knowledge and experience. Seeker of Knowledge gives him a very scholarly look, which actually goes with Crypto’s image. This skin was released in the Lost Treasures Event in Season 5.

8. Whitelisted

Credit: EA
Release DateMarch 3, 2020
Available viaSystem Override Collection Event

Whitelisted is one of the most pristine Crypto skins. When wearing this skin, Crypto becomes a deadly cyborg, ready to battle whatever comes hunting for him. This skin has a more futuristic aesthetic because of the stark contrast between its white and black colors and the shape of its body. This skin was available during Season 4’s “System Override Collection Event.”

7. The Hired Gun

The Hired Gun
Credit: EA
Release DateOn Release
Available viaDefault Legendary
AlternativesDevil’s Advocate, Fuzzy Logic

One of the two starting Legendary skins, The Hired Gun, is a very basic Crypto skin. Crypto looks like a man in black on this skin. His low-key hairdo and clothing give the impression that he is ready to wipe the floor with his foes at any moment.

6. Inconspicuous

Credit: EA
Release DateJune 29, 2021
Available viaGenesis Collection Event

Inconspicuous skin was released in the Genesis Collection Event in Season 9. Before Crypto was framed as the murderer of her foster sister, he was a computer engineer for the Mercenary Syndicate. With inconspicuous skin, Crypto looks like an ordinary person with formal attire, just as he wanted to lead a normal life until his life took a very dangerous turn.

5. Technocraft

Release DateFebruary 14, 2023
Available viaRevelry Premium Battlepass

Crypto definitely seems like the one to embrace a cyberpunk theme. Technocraft is just the perfect match since Crypto is already a technological master. The neon lighting on the skin and the helmet is just a nice aesthetic touch for our favorite hacker man.

4. The Masked Dancer

The Masked Dancer
Credit: EA
Release DateOn Release
Available viaDefault Legendary
AlternativesRising Phoenix, Totemic Might, Winter’s Grasp, Masked Storyteller

Like an owl, Crypto prefers to remain hidden at night. Therefore, he can also be referred to as a nocturnal legend. Using this skin, Crypto resembles a scarecrow as much as he does an owl. The pale yellow and white of the outfits give the impression of clearer skin.

3. Hack Frost

Jack Frost
Release DateDecember 12, 2019
Available viaHolo-Day Bash 2019

Nothing’s better in a winter-themed skin than an ice-wielding superhero. Well, Crypto might not have ice powers, but with his drone, he could probably make it snow in the Apex Games. Who knows if the weather is programmable or not? Well, if it is, Crypto definitely knows.

2. Hallowed Spirit

Hallowed Spirit
Credit: EA
Release DateNovember 4, 2020
Available viaChampion Edition
AlternativesRoaring Guardian

At first glance, the skin looks a lot like the R-301 Golden Rampage, but the difference is that Crypto has a lion’s face mask, and the Golden Rampage has a rhino’s face. The color of Hallowed Spirit is also a little worn out, which looks incredible on him. Hallowed Spirit was released in the Champion Edition in 2020.

1. Darkwatcher

Release DateAugust 8, 2023
Available viaDeath Dynasty Collection
AlternativesElf Made

Released alongside the redesigned Revenant, this skin adorns Crypto with a deathly look. With Gauntlets and boots of gold, Crypto has been possessed by the dark side. Only wanting revenge, maybe removing his moral shackles, is what he needed all along.

Will Past event-related Crypto Skins Ever Return?

Respawn has announced that battle pass skins from Season 11 and onwards may be available in an event-specific skin package in the future. So, the event and recolor skins may ultimately make their way to the store. However, older skins from Battlepass may never make it into the game.

Upcoming Crypto Skins

There has been no updated information on any future Crypto skins in the game as of the time this is being written. More Crypto skins will be shown as soon as they are revealed or leaked. In the meantime, check out the Upcoming Leaked Skins article to find any forthcoming skins that will be available in the future.

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