When is Nexus Blitz and pick URF returning to League of Legends?

League of Legends fans branch yourselves, Nexus Blitz along with pick URF is hitting the summoner rift very soon.

Both Nexus Blitz and pick URF are one of the most beloved game modes among League of Legends fans. And fans have been asking for their return for quite some time now. Today, League of Legends’ game modes designer Geoff Marsi tweeted that URF is already on the PBE for testing and Nexus Blitz is returning sooner than you would expect.

When is Pick URF returning?

Pick URF was originally planned to return before the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational, and even with its cancellation, Riot Games is still releasing the fan-favorite event. Pick URF is currently in patch 10.10 PBE cycle and will return to the live servers on patch 10.10.

Unlike ARUF, in pick URF you will have the freedom to choose your favourite champions.

When is Nexus Blitz returning?

Nexus first made is appearance back in 2018 as an experimental game mode, and quickly grabbed fans’ attention due to its uniqueness. Each Nexus Blitz game usually lasts for 15 minutes with a bunch of random events happens in every few minutes.

Replying to a fan on Twitter, Geoff Marsi confirmed that Nexus Blitz is coming back later in the summer of 2020. Although no specific date was mentioned, we can expect it will return at the end of July the same as last time.

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