Riot Talks Nexus Blitz Status, Plans To Return Soon in 2023

As more conversation was going on regarding League of Legends, the status of Nexus Blitz was revealed by several Riot staffers.

New game modes were a staple of League of Legends at one point. In the past, several game modes, like Dominion, Twisted Treeline, etc., were permanent maps for players to experience. After they got removed, the Rotating Game Mode (RGM) came to be.

Many of the products of that system are variations of the Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode, Nexus Blitz, One For All, Ultimate Spellbook and a lot more. Many of them were recurring events, while the others were a one-time game mode.

Nexus Blitz was one of the beloved ones from there. We last got the event mode in Season 11, and Riot promised the game mode to come back in 2022. However, that promise was broken as Riot did not release it in 2022 and the status of it was unknown.

However, Riot recently went on the transparency tour due to a mishap with the cinematic. Thus, in a Reddit post, they talk about several things, like an upcoming 2v2v2v2 game mode. In that massive thread, Riot Meddler speaks about Nexus Blitz, along with another Riot staff stepping in to explain the status of the game mode. Here they are as follows.

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The Events Team Status

There’s a lot to break down in terms of Nexus Blitz. In the Twitter Video listed above, Riot Meddler and Riot Brightmoon talk about events and the team in charge of it. According to them, they had to rebuild the game modes team as most of the previous team focused on Teamfight Tactics. Also, Riot Meddler says that the team is now fully functional and ready to pump out game modes.

The 2v2v2v2 is part of that new wave of events coming in, as Riot Meddler also talks about the current state of Nexus Blitz in a Reddit Thread comment. He talks about Nexus Blitz coming back while acknowledging the failures of bringing it back in 2022. No timeline was officially given. There were several responses Riot Meddler made in the thread to assure that Nexus Blitz is indeed going to be coming soon.

As that was happening, another Riot staff chimed in with an entire TL;DR of the situation with the game mode. Spideraxe shared a screenshot of the lengthy and transparent response.

State of Nexus Blitz in 2023

There’s a lot to unpack in that comment. As Riot Meddler mentioned several times on the Reddit Thread and on the video, the game modes team had to be rebuilt. Due to that, the team lacked expertise in several of the old game modes. Nexus Blitz was one of them.

As the Engineering Lead said in the comment, they are working on the discovery process of Nexus Blitz. This means that the game modes team is trying to figure out the source code of the game mode and mapping how it exactly functions before making changes that could cause a disaster.

To do this, there was a freshly staffed team in 2022 working on the process of bringing Nexus Blitz back. However, the team disbanded for other opportunities, and this caused the entire process to be delayed once more. Since then, the game modes team has been staffed and will now start working on Nexus Blitz.

The other caveat is that the developers who worked on Nexus Blitz previously have moved on from the game modes team. So the discovery process is ongoing to integrate it into the current game as it stands and make sure no issues arise.

Hence, in conclusion, the game modes team is working on a way to bring back Nexus Blitz, but a timeline is unknown. Therefore, we can expect to see Nexus Blitz at a future date. Here is to hoping Riot finally delivers on their promise of Nexus Blitz returning to League of Legends.

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