Off-screen pings planned for Patch 13.3 in League of Legends

Off-screen pings will likely be implemented on Patch 13.3.

League of Legends is a team-based game, and just like any team-based game, it requires good communication in order to win. The most efficient way to communicate with the team is through voice chat. Since League of Legends does not have voice chat, the ping system is currently the go-to option.

Having said that, the ping system was implemented in the game many years ago. Compared to Riot’s newest games, like VALORANT, the current ping system is quite antiquated and ineffective.

So in Preseason 2023, Riot Games announced that they would be upgrading the existing ping system and adding new modes of communication, such as vision pings and off-screen pings. Although the majority of the improvements were made, the off-screen ping system was delayed.

However, in a recent Reddit post, Riot confirmed that the off-screen pings would be finalized in Patch 13.3.

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Off-screen pings

Well, what are Off-screen pings? These are notifications on the edge of the screen when an ally pings. This notification will display the information of who pinged and what type of ping was used.

According to Riot, work on the system is almost complete, and they are implementing some finishing touches.

Here’s what Riot BarackProbama shared about the changes in the Reddit post.

For the off-screen pings, working on a few separate bits:
– Some icon readability issues.
– Making it work well for colourblind players.
– Making it properly snap to the HUD.
– Providing some small onboarding, so folks know how to turn it on/off.

Release Date

Off-screen pings will be implemented to the live servers on Patch 13.3, which is to be released on Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023.

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