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As mentioned by Riot for being in the works, the Fighter item changes are coming soon to combat the sustain those types of champion’s gains.

Riot is starting their work in full force for Season 13 as League of Legends got its first major update a litte while ago. With the Lunar New Year Celebrations also starting early, Riot has its hands full. Patch 13.1 saw the start of another new season for people to experience.

The new season brought about a bunch of changes, like nerfs to champions like Aatrox and buffs to Jayce. Other than that, the Chinese New Year celebrations have started as the Lunar Revel 2023 Event is ongoing in the game.

As Riot has promised more transparency, an early preview of the Fighter item changes has been revealed with justification. Let’s talk about what we know so far.

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Fighter Item Changes

TheTruexy shared the plans for Fighter item changes coming soon. The changes are coming on many fronts, as fighters have had it easy in League of Legends. So, let’s talk about the facets of changes coming to items to tackle the strength of Fighters in the game.

Omnivamp Changes

Omnivamp as a concept is a really powerful stat in just words. The healing coming from both auto attack and ability damage is pretty strong. This reflects the game’s current state, as almost every class of champions relies on Omnivamp in one way or another.

However, Omnivamp has benefitted fighters and bruisers more than other classes. Hence, as TheTruexy outlines, Omnivamp is at the forefront of the balance changes. So as the tweet outlines, the Omnivamp stat on most items is either being removed or switched to Lifesteal.

The core difference between Lifesteal and Omnivamp is the scaling aspect of it all. As TheTruexy lays out, Lifesteal scales linearly with auto attack damage and spikes with crits, while Omnivamp does all of that and has healing spurts from abilities. This is a core issue, and one Riot is hoping will be addressed with the changes.

So moving forward, Omnivamp is being swapped over to Lifesteal to help Riot balance the sustain on Fighters. Furthermore, this should help Riot patch Fighter champions better, and they will compensate for the Omnivamp changes if necessary.

Ability Haste Changes

Next on the docket is the Ability Haste changes. While Omnivamp was indeed a big issue, Ability Haste made it worse, bluntly put. Irrespective of Omnivamp being swapped over to Lifesteal, the current Ability Haste modifiers will still keep Fighters the way it is with their strong sustain capabilities.

So, Ability Haste is going to be adjusted for many of the Fighter items, as TheTruexy explains. The ideology behind the Ability Haste change is that while Fighters require lower cooldowns, the downtime on abilities is currently too low. These changes should still have high enough Ability Haste for Fighters while also allowing counterplay, as this class of champions can be fairly squishy.

Items like Eclipse and Ravenous Hydra are getting the bump up in the stat, while Maw of Malmortius and Death’s Dance will have no more Ability Haste. This is a push and pull, and Riot is trying to properly appropriate Ability Haste on Fighter items.

Justification and Methodology

A lot is going on in these changes. While the items’ core aspects are changing, some compensation will be given along with other possible changes. Their hope with the changes is that items like Death’s Dance and Maw of Malmortius will become less “all-in-one” items.

This will cause players to look at more options as a 2nd item. Also, this will cause Fighters to have a later power spike. Thus, compensation is given in terms of AD/Armor/other stats depending on the item in itself.

However, Riot is aware that this could cause Fighters to have too much damage. Hence, adjustments will be made appropriately. Lastly, any fighters suffering from these changes will be monitored and given buffs later.

Let’s talk about the individual item changes with that out of the way.

Individual Item Changes

As mentioned, many of the Fighter items are getting changed, and here they are as follows.

Black Cleaver

The item was suffering, so a little bit of damage and health was inserted into the Black Cleaver.

  • Attack Damage: 45 AD >>> 50 AD.
  • Health: 350 >>> 400.

Blade of the Ruined King

One of the strongest items in the game, Blade of the Ruined King, was doing too much Siphon damage. Thus, that was reduced along with an increased cooldown on the Siphon passive.

  • Unique – Siphon:
    • Bonus Magic Damage: 40-150 (levels 1-18) >>> 40-103 (levels 1-18).
    • Cooldown: 20 seconds >>> 30 seconds.

Death’s Dance

First on the list is Death’s Dance. This item has been a Swiss Army Knife for Fighters for a really long time. Hence Riot is adjusting the item to remove Ability Haste and compensate with more AD and Armor. Also, a new build path for the item

  • Attack Damage: 55 AD >>> 65 AD.
  • Armor: 45 >>> 50.
  • Ability Haste: 15 >>> 0.
  • Unique – Defy:
    • Takedown Healing: 120% Bonus AD >>> 50% Bonus AD.
  • New Build Path: Chain Vest + Pickaxe + Pickaxe.


The Omnivamp is being taken out of the item, but some Ability Haste is being inserted. Also, the build path is changing for Eclipse, along with the Shield Cooldown being reduced.

  • Omnivamp: 7% >>> 0%.
  • Ability Haste: 0 >>> 15.
  • Unique – Ever Rising Moon:
    • Shield Cooldown: 8/16 seconds (melee/ranged) >>> 6/12 seconds (melee/ranged).
  • New Build Path: Serrated Dirk + Caufield Warhammer.


The Mythic Passive is being changed to give less Ability Haste per Legendary Item but some HP as compensation.

  • Mythic Passive: 7 Ability Haste >>> 50 HP + 3 Ability Haste.

Maw of Malmortius

Omnivamp is changing to Lifesteal for the item with a little more added to sweeten the deal. Maw of Malmortius is also getting its Ability Haste Removed and given more AD. Lastly, the build path is also changing to facilitate these changes.

  • Attack Damage: 55 AD >>> 65 AD.
  • Ability Haste: 20 >>> 0.
  • Unique – Lifeline:
    • Triggering Lifeline now grants 12% Lifesteal instead of 10% Omnivamp.
  • New Build Path: Hexdrinker + Pickaxe + Long Sword.

Ravenous Hydra

More changes are coming to Ravenous Hydra as the Omnivamp is changing to Lifesteal, Ability Haste is increasing, and a little addition to the Cleave Unique.

  • Vamp: 10% Omnivamp >>> 10% Lifesteal.
  • Ability Haste: 20% >>> 25%.
  • Unique – Cleave:
    • Cleave damage also triggers Lifesteal.


As Eclipse is changing, so is its Ornn Upgrade version, Syzygy. The item itself is just getting the overall Omnivamp and Ability Haste changes.

  • Omnivamp: 8% >>> 0%.
  • Ability Haste: 0 >>> 20%.

Release Date For Update

The Fighter item changes are going to be released at a future time. It is currently in the PBE server, being tested and all. Therefore, we need to wait for a little while before we can see how the updates affect the game overall.

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