Will Nexus Blitz Return in League of Legends?

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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With Riot promising a while back that Nexus Blitz would return in 2022, the question remains of whether the mode will be a feature once more.

Riot has had a rotating game mode (RGM) in League of Legends for the past few years. The aim of these modes is to add an alternative event for players to experience compared to the usual one. For many of these modes, the experience is indeed unique.

However, having a rotating game mode has its fair share of problems. Modes in the RGM are not unique enough in League of Legends. There are too far and few active ones, as the last one was the pick Ultra-Rapid Fire mode.

Among those RGM modes lies Nexus Blitz, which is popular amongst fans. As Riot made a post earlier this year saying Nexus Blitz will be back in 2022, players are worried that might not happen. Also, information has come out a while back on Twitter about Nexus Blitz being shelved. Here is what we know so far.

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Will Nexus Blitz Be Back?

It is unlikely, as the information being put out is saying that Nexus Blitz is not going to be appearing anytime soon. This started when Riot MaxW3ll made some tweets about RGM going forward. The initial thread was about URF returning to League of Legends a while back. That thread spiraled into a conversation about RGM in the future.

According to Riot MaxW3ll, Nexus Blitz is not in a state to be brought back, and far too much work is needed to adapt it to the current game version. Hence, Nexus Blitz is unfortunately shelved for now.

His reasoning can be boiled down to Riot having statistics of Nexus Blitz not being played as much as One-For-All, URF, and Ultimate SpellBook. Also, the fact that Nexus Blitz coming back would require a lot of work in the backend is why it seems Riot is not looking to bring it back.

This has not made fans happy, as they wanted to play Nexus Blitz. Hopefully, Riot will bring it back at one point, add some newer game modes, and not repeat the current top three.

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