How to Refund Mythic Essence in League of Legends?

If you have accidentally spent your mythic essence, don’t worry. Here’s how you can refund it.

In League of Legends, there are various types of in-game currencies. Using these in-game currencies, players can buy champions, skins, icons, chests, etc. These in-game currencies include blue essence, RP, event tokens, and the most recently released, mythic essence.

In the preseason 2022, Riot announced that they would overhaul the mythic content in League of Legends. Firstly they retired the prestige tokens and gemstones currencies and introduced the all-new mythic essence. Using this currency, players could purchase various limited-time prestige skins and exclusive mythical skins like Ashen Knight Pyke, Ashen Conquerer Pantheon, Ashen Slayer Sylas, and Ashen Graveknight Mordekaiser.

Players currently can earn this premium currency from Masterworks Chests. Moreover, after opening a certain amount of chests, players are guaranteed a certain amount of mythic essence.

Because of having an overwhelming amount of skins in the mythic shop, it’s easy to spend mythic essence accidentally. However, if you have done it, then there is an easy way to refund them. Here is a guide on how to refund them.

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How To Refund Mythic Essence (A Complete Step-by-step Guide)

Opening A Support Ticket

To refund the mythic essence, you must open a support ticket first. To do that, you can go to the League of Legends Support site. After that, you can click the “SUBMIT A TICKET” button, which you can find at the top of the site.

submit a ticket
Image: Riot Games/League of Legends Support

Submitting The Request

After doing the previous step, you will be redirected to a “Submit a request” page, where you have to fill up a form.

First, in the “choose a request type,” you have to choose “Billing, Payment, and Premium Currency Refunds.”

After that, if you are logged in, a couple of new blank boxes will appear with new questions. The first of the new boxes will be Subject. In this box, you can write, Mythic Essence Refund.

mythic essence refund
Image: Riot Games/League of Legends Support

And then, in the following box, “Description,” you can write that you bought a skin you didn’t like. Moreover, you should also add that you didn’t know that a new champion (can be any newly announced champion getting mythic skin) was also getting prestige skin, and you wanted to buy that skin instead. If you add that, you should have the highest probability of receiving the refund.

And for the next question, it should ask you, “Please select your inquiry.” Then, finally, you must choose, “I am having an issue with Riot Premium Currency (RP, VP, Coins, Wild Cores).

Afterward, a new box will appear stating the same question as before, “Please select your inquiry,” but this time with different options. This time have to choose “Other.”

rp refund
Image: Riot Games/League of Legends Support

After that, you can press “Submit” and wait for your answer. Your refund might take up to 72 hours to arrive, so you must be patient. Furthermore, you should check your email regularly to see their answers, as they will contact you through the email connected to your Riot Account.

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