Best Ways to Get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Mythic Essence is the rarest currency in League of Legends, and we will show you the best ways to earn it.

Mythic content in League hasn’t quite delivered as much as Riot thought it would. The Gemstone and Prestige skins were underwhelming at best. The prestige skins are so mediocre that Riot themselves called the Prestige skins a gold chroma in their dev post about the Mythic Content Overhaul.

However, with the Overhaul of Mythic content, there should now be more desirable skins, and Prestige skins will become something more than just a gold chroma.

For the first phase of the Overhaul, we bid farewell to Gemstones and Prestige Points, and Riot has introduced Mythic Essence in their place. Unfortunately, Mythic Essence is more challenging to obtain than Blue Essence and Orange Essence. But you can use it to unlock some of the rarest skins in the game.

What is Mythic Essence?

Mythic Essence is a new currency in League of Legends that you can use to unlock Prestige edition and other mythic skins. On the League client, go into your ‘Loot’ tab, and you can see how many Mythic Essence you have and what you can unlock with them.

Mythic Essence
Mythic Essence in League of Legends, Image Via Riot Games

Best Ways to Get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

Levelling Up

Players can earn Mythic Essence by leveling up. Riot will give 10 Mythic Essence for every 50 levels you reach after level 150. This is the slowest and an unrewarding method, but we had to include this as it is there. But don’t worry, there are other ways.

Hextech Chests

Hextech chests have a 3.6% chance of dropping 10 Mythic Essence. So you would want to maximize your chances by getting all the free Hextech chests available to players.

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Masterwork Chest and Milestone

Masterwork Chests have a 3.6% chance of dropping 5 Mythic Essence. So regular Hextech Chests may seem better to get Mythic Essence, but Masterwork chests will almost always give you a skin shard. And with the Masterwork Milestone system going to be available in phase 2 of Mythic Overhaul, you will get 25 Mythic Essence for buying 25 Masterwork Chests.

Event Pass

Buying the Event Pass for each event has to be the best way to earn Mythic Essence. It doesn’t cost too much, and you get a lot of things in return. After buying the event pass, you will get exclusive missions that are easy to complete.

Complete all the missions to earn 25 Mythic Essence, among other things.

Also, you can quickly rack up event tokens if you have the pass. Getting 2200 tokes is a cakewalk now compared to the previous system. You will have more than 1500 tokens just from completing the missions. And with a little more grind, you can get 2200 tokens and exchange them for 125 Mythic Essence.

The Fastest Way to Earn Mythic Essence in League of Legends

Unfortunately, if you need a ton of Mythic Essence fast, you will have to spend money. When the Masterwork Milestone system launches in phase 2, you can spend a little over 5000 RP to get 25 Masterwork chests, and along with them, you will get 25 Mythic Essence. And this method is repeatable, so you can buy as many as you can afford.

What Can You Buy with Mythic Essence?

With Mythic Essence, you will be able to only unlock the things in the rotating Mythic Store in the League client. The store includes,

  • 2 Prestige Skins will rotate every month. (Currently, three months of prestige skins have been unvaulted at once. That’s why you can see six skins.)
  • 2 Hextech Skins will rotate every three months.
  • A new Hextech Skin every three months.
  • Rotating Ward skins, Chromas, Emotes
  • The only things that will always remain are a random skin shard for 10 ME, 150 Blue Essence for 1 ME, and 50 Orange Essence for 1 ME.

For More information on the Mythic Store,

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.