LoL Mythic Shop (July 2022): Available Skins, Accessories, and More

Instead of Gemstones and Prestige Points, Riot introduced Mythic Essence, with which you can buy Prestige Skins, Mythic Skins, and other accessories in the Mythic Shop.

In League of Legends season 12, Riot completely Overhauled the Mythic Content. Gemstones and Prestige points are gone, making way for Mythic Essence. Now players can buy the Prestige Edition skins, Hextech skins, and Mythic skins from the Mythic Shop. The content in the Mythic shop will rotate every month.

As Mythic Essence is a combination of Gemstones and Prestige Points, the ways to get Mythic Essence are also very similar to them. So, save up those precious currencies as much as possible and unlock some of the rarest skins in the games.

Mythic Shop is rotating for the first time on Patch 12.12. Riot is also adding new content in the Mythic Shop called Mythic Chromas. Mythic Chromas will be available for 40 ME. The first Mythic Chroma will be for Final Boos Veigar. Let’s see all the other changes in the Mythic Shop rotation.

How Mythic Shop Works in League of Legends

You can spend your Mythic Essence only in the Mythic Shop. To access the shop, go into the ‘Loot’ tab and click on the Mythic Essence. The Mythic Shop will rotate every month, unvaulting different skins.

There will be 2 Prestige skins rotating every month. But Riot decided to unvault three rotations at once for the release of Mythic Shop. So, there are currently 6 Prestige skins in the shop, and they will be here for three months. After that, there will be two prestige skins every month. There will also be two older hextech skins and a new mythic skin that will rotate every three months.

The prices of the skins are different depending on how many times they were unvaulted.

Prestige skins will be 125 ME for the first unvault, 150 ME for the second, 200 ME for the third, and consecutive unvaults. Hextech skins will be priced at 100 ME for the first unvault and 125 ME for any consecutive unvaults.

Mythic Shop Available Items (July 2022)


There are currently six Prestige skins and three Hextech skins in the Mythic shop for the past three months. But from the next rotation skins will not be on the shop for that long. Also, some event-related mythic content will also be available at specific times. Let’s see all the content that is announced for the 12.12 Mythic Shop rotation.

Skin NamePriceAvailability
K/DA Evelyn Prestige Edition150 Mythic EssencePatch 12.12 & 12.13
Prestige Pulsefire Lucian125 Mythic EssencePatch 12.12 & 12.13
Hextech Ziggs100 Mythic EssencePatch 12.12 through 12.17
Dreadnova Darius100 Mythic EssencePatch 12.12 through 12.17
Ashen Night Pantheon + Icon & Border100 Mythic EssencePatch 12.12 through 12.17


There will also be rotating accessories available in the Mythic shop. The accessories share the theme of the new Ashen Knight Pantheon skin. And there will also be some accessories available related to Ashen Knight Pantheon.

You can use your Mythic Essence for some other things, like Shards, Blue Essence, and Orange Essence. However, unlike the previous items, these will always be available in the shop.

Random Skin Shard10 Mythic Essence
150 Blue Essence1 Mythic Essence
50 Orange Essence1 Mythic Essence

When is the Next Mythic Shop Rotation

The Mythic shop is designed to rotate every month, unvaulting two different Prestige skins. The Hextech and Mythic skins will rotate every three months.

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