LoL Mythic Content Overhaul 2022: New Mythic Essence, Mythic Shop, Prestige 2.0, and More

League of Legends’ Mythic content is finally getting a complete overhaul in 2022.

Over the last few years, there have been many criticisms from League of Legends players that Gemstone and Prestige content feels “underwhelming” and are not worth the grind. Riot, however, did acknowledge that and announced a Mythic content overhaul last year.

Although Riot delayed it multiple times, in the Season 2022 live stream, Riot Games officially confirmed that Mythic content overhaul is finally coming in 2022. And it will be going live in three different phases.

Phase 1

In phase 1, there will be new Mythic Essence, Unvaulted Prestige skins, and Mythic thematic skins.

Mythic Essence

From 2022 and onwards, Gemstones and Prestige Points will be combined into a new currency called Mythic Essence.

Some details:

  • Gemstones will automatically convert to Mythic Essence at a 1-to-10 ratio
  • Prestige Points will disappear entirely
  • Mythic Essence drop rates from Masterwork Chests will temporarily increase

Updated Mythic Shop

Riot is replacing the Gemstone shop with a Mythic Shop that features rotating content.

According to Riot, Prestige skins released at least 1 year ago are eligible for unvaulting in the Mythic shop. Two Prestiges will be unvaulted each month.

Here’s how Mythic Essence prices will be determined:

  • First unvault: 125 ME
  • Second unvault: 150 ME (2019 Prestiges start here)
  • Third+ unvault: 200 ME (2018 Prestiges start here)
Updated Mythic Shop

At the start, Riot will bring three unvaults at once where there will be six prestige skins. And these skins will be unvaulted for three months:

  • K/DA Kai’Sa Prestige Edition (200 ME, original owners get a special edition)
  • PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition (150 ME, original owners get a special edition)
  • Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition (150 ME, original owners get a special edition)
  • Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition (125 ME)
  • Spirit Blossom Teemo Prestige Edition (125 ME)
  • Battle Queen Diana Prestige Edition (125 ME)

New Mythic thematic skins

From 2022, Riot has introduced a new type of Mythic thematic skins. These skins will cost 100 ME at the start and 125 ME on their return.

Hextech Annie and Hextech Amumu will be the first skins to be included and Ashen Knights thematic skins will come out later on.

Ashen Knights

Phase 2

Phase 2 will include Prestige 2.0 skins, Loot showcase events, and Masterwork Milestones.

Prestige 2.0

“We’re experimenting with a new thematic layer to Prestiges to help them stand apart and feel like more than gold chromas,” Riot on Prestige 2.0 skins. “Prestige 2.0 skins are high-fashion reimaginings of the base thematic as if it were the theme for a red carpet or runway event.”

Showcase Milestones

Showcase Milestones

A showcase milestone track is designed to match the same amount of loot you would’ve had to buy to earn 100 Prestige Points through capsule bundles in 2021.

Masterwork Milestones

Masterwork Milestones

Masterwork milestones are an infinitely repeatable rewards track for opening Masterwork chests.

  • 5 Chests: 5 Mythic Essence and any tier skin shard
  • 10 Chests: 5 Mythic Essence
  • 15 Chests: 5 Mythic Essence and 975+ skin shard
  • 20 Chests: 5 Mythic Essence
  • 25 Chests: 5 Mythic essence and 1350+ skin shard

Phase 3

Finally, phase 3 will include a revamped event pass rewards tracking system.

Mythic Content Overhaul 2022

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