LoL Ashen Knight Pyke Skin: Splash Art, Release Date, and How to Get

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image: Riot Games

Mythic thematic skins are finally here as Riot officially reveals Ashen Knight Pyke skin, releasing on patch 12.6.

After much delay, earlier this year, Riot Games officially confirmed that Mythic content overhaul is finally coming out in Season 12. However, instead of going live all at once, it will be divided into three-phase — releasing throughout the year.

In the first phase, both Gemstones and Prestige Points will retire and combine into a new currency called Mythic Essence. Moreover, Mythic Shop & previous Prestige skins will also get a revamp to match the new currency.

Likewise, Riot is also retiring the Hextech thematic and introducing new seasonal thematics for Mythic Essence-exclusive skins. And for 2022, the first Mythic thematic is Ashen Knights featuring Pyke.

Over the last few years, many players have complained that Gemstone skins felt dull with little to no unique animations. Well, it seems, with the Ashen Knight Pyke skin, Riot is finally giving its players a skin that is worth spending the unused Gemstones on.

Ashen Knight Pyke skin has special ult SFX that alone should be worth every ME, and many players are even saying that it is better than most Legendary skins in League of Legends.

Release Date

With the introduction of Mythic content overhaul, Ashen Knight Pyke skin will officially make its debut on League of Legends patch 12.6, March 31, 2022.

How to get

Ashen Knight Pyke is a Mythic Essence-exclusive skin, meaning the only way to get the skin is by spending Mythic Essence (ME). And according to Riot Games, at release, Ashen Knight Pyke skin will be 100 ME.

Ashen Knight Pyke will also have the Emberwoken Chroma, which will cost 40 ME.

Splash Art

Ashen Knight Pyke
Image: Riot Games

The Emberwoken Chroma

the Emberwoken Chroma
Image: Riot Games
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