LoL Nexus Blitz 2021: Start Date, New Changes, and More

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Nexus Blitz is making its return in the League of Legends PROJECT: Bastion event with a couple of new changes.

Nexus Blitz is League of Legends’ experimental game mode that only went live a couple of times. Soon after its release back in 2018, it quickly grabbed players’ attention for its intense short gameplay that usually lasts for 15 minutes. However, it only remained playable for a few weeks and Riot later re-introduced the game mode after two years in 2020 with some significant changes.

Even with all the new updates, Nexus Blitz apparently lost around 70% of the player base in the second week of its relaunch in patch 10.15. There were many complaints from the players but Riot eventually fixed most of them and once again re-released Nexus Blitz in the 2021 preseason.

Now, Riot has unveiled the 2021 edition of the PROJECT skin line with seven new skins. All the new skins will be part of the PROJECT: Bastion event. And the event is also bringing back Nexus Blitz as League of Legends’ next rotating game mode after the ARURF.

Nexus Blitz Start and End Date

The new edition of Nexus Blitz is going to start with the PROJECT: Bastion event on May 27, 2021. The rotating game mode will remain playable for the entire patch 11.11 and it will end on June 28, 2021.

New Nexus Blitz Changes For Season 11

Nexus Blitz is once again getting some big changes for season 11 as well. And here are all the new changes according to League of Legends Lead Game Designer of Modes Riot Reinboom:

Nexus Blitz Changes

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