League of Legends 2021 ARURF: Release Date, New Changes, and More

Riot confirms ARURF is coming back to League of Legends on patch 11.3 with a couple of new changes.

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire or also known as ARURF is a Featured Game Mode in League of Legends. Unlike URF where players have the privilege to pick their own champion, in ARURF champions are assigned to them randomly similar to League’s ARAM.

In celebration of League of Legends’ 10th Anniversary, Riot brought URF back as an experiment, and since then URF returned multiple times. However, even though URF is one of the most popular game modes in League of Legends, many players were asking for the ARURF to return. And finally, Riot confirms that ARURF is coming back to League of Legends.

ARURF Release Date

According to Riot’s release manager & FAR internal lead Riot Kami Banani, ARURF is going to release on patch 11.3, February 4, 2021.

Update: ARURF has ended on March 9th, we will update when there’s any news about the next URF in 2021.

ARURF New Changes for Season 11

In 2021 preseason, Riot introduced multiple meta defining changes including the new Mythic items. And in order to balance URF based on the new items, League of Legends Lead Game Designer of Modes Reina Sweet said, “With this next run of URF, there will be quite a few changes to better embrace the preseason item rework.”

“These changes are intended to let you engage with the item system more fully without hitting clear traps,” Reina Sweet added.

Here are all the new 2021 ARURF changes:

  • Instead of 80% CDR you now get +300 Ability Haste (which is equivalent to 75% CDR, and it’s intended). This stacks with other sources of Ability Haste
  • Lethal Tempo and Ultimate Hunter are no longer disabled
  • If you’re a mana champ: Bonus mana is converted to HP (40% rate) and bonus mana regen is converted to HP (100% rate)
  • The gold per 10 items will be disabled though. Their minion gold penalty they give is at such an extreme penalty that is difficult to perceive that not having them available would ultimately lead to better experiences, especially for newcomers to URF.

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