LoL Winterblessed 2022 Event: Pass, Missions, Milestones, Rewards, Loot, and More

The last event for the year 2022, Winterblessed Event, is coming soon with more missions, rewards, skins, etc.

Another year is almost coming to an end, as Riot released their last big patch of the year and skins a little while ago. This time around, we got Patch 12.23, while the Winterblessed Skin line was a new addition to League of Legends.

Usually, this holiday season comes with an event to cap off the end of the year. Last year, it was the Debonair event that ended in Season 11. This year, we expected to see a newer system and more rewards for players. The Worlds 2022 event showed us the new system in action, while Riot had to make some amends in that mid-event.

Regardless, we are hoping for an event that will run without a hitch. This brings us to the brand new Winterbless Event that will be starting soon. Named after the skin line, we are expecting the rewards and all to follow the theme. Here is what we know so far about the event.

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Winterblessed 2022 Event Start & End Date

The Winterblessed 2022 Event will start on December 8th, 2022, at 1 pm PT and will end on January 4th, 2023, at 11:59 pm PT.

Even though the event will end on January 4th, players will be able to use their tokens until January 11th, 2023, 11 am PT. You can also buy Winterblessed 2022 Token and Event Pass before that deadline.

Winterblessed 2022 Event Pass

Like any event, the Winterblessed Event Pass will cost 1650 RP. Buying the Event Pass will unlock 200 Tokens and Four Winterblessed 2022 Orbs at Milestone 0. This will also grant access to the additional rewards, courtesy of the Event Pass.

There will also be a Winterblessed 2022 Pass Bundle available for 2650 RP. This will include the 200 Tokens, Four Winterblessed 2022 Orbs, and additional rewards. Also, there will be a Warwick, the new Winterblessed 2022 Warwick Skin, and the Winterblessed Warwick Border Icon and Border given out as part of the bundle.

Winterblessed 2022 Event Pass Milestone and Rewards

Like the Worlds 2022 Event, the Pass will follow the same system. The Winterblessed Event Pass will grant players Event XP to claim milestones, which will in turn give rewards for their efforts. Each Milestone takes 400 Event XP to unlock. The table below shows all the rewards for players to earn.

Note: Only the Bold Ones Are Free.

0200 Tokens4 Winterblessed 2022 Orbs
120 Tokens 
260 Tokens1500 Blue Essence
320 Tokens 
420 TokensWinterblessed Aurora Icon
560 Tokens 
620 TokensWinterblessed Crest Icon
760 Tokens 
820 Tokens10 Win XP Boosts
920 Tokens 
1060 Tokens5 Mythic Essence
1120 Tokens 
1220 TokensMystery Ward
1360 Tokens 
1420 Tokens1500 Blue Essence
1560 Tokens 
1620 TokensBrain Freeze Emote
1760 Tokens 
1820 Tokens625 Orange Essence
1920 Tokens 
2060 Tokens5 Mythic Essence
2120 Tokens 
2220 Tokens1 Winterblessed 2022 Orb
2360 Tokens 
2420 TokensWinter’s Blessing Emote
2560 Tokens 
2620 Tokens1 Eternals Series 1 Capsule
2760 Tokens 
2820 Tokens1 Mystery Emote
2920 Tokens 
3060 TokensWinterblessed 2022 Grab Bag
3120 Tokens 
3220 Tokens5 Mythic Essence
3360 Tokens 
3420 TokensEternals Series 1 Capsule
3560 Tokens 
3620 TokensDelightful Snowflakes Emote
3760 Tokens 
3820 Tokens1 Masterwork Chest & Key
3920 Tokens 
4060 Tokens625 Orange Essence
4120 Tokens 
4220 Tokens10 Mythic Essence
4360 Tokens 
4420 TokensWinterblessed 2022 Orb
4560 Tokens 
4620 TokensMystery Emote
4760 Tokens 
4820 Tokens1 Masterwork Chest & Key
4920 Tokens 
5060 Tokens
(2000 total Tokens reached!)
Winterblessed 2022 Grab Bag

You will be getting 2000 total Tokens when you reach Milestone 50. After that, you can complete the following infinite milestone to get more.

5120 Token (Repeatable)
5220 Token (Repeatable)
5320 Token (Repeatable)

Doing the infinite milestone will give beyond the 2000 tokens, enough to get the Mythic Essence Bundle priced at 2200 tokens (achieved at Milestone 60).

Winterblessed Event Missions

Like any other event, the Missions will grant you Event XP, which will be part of the Milestones in the Pass. This will unlock the rewards of the Event Pass. As the event is shorter than usual, there is more XP packed into the missions.

For this event, there are the usual Infinite Pass Missions alongside the Special Mission and the Winterblessed Missions. Here they are as follows.

Infinite Pass Missions

With the Infinite pass, you’ll also get 200 LoL Event XP for every 200 points you earn from time spent playing and winning games.

Special Missions

These are the special missions coming with the event along with a unique one for ARAM games.

MissionObjectiveLoL Event XP
Snowball Fight!Throw or Dash with 50 snowballs in ARAM!1000 XP
To Friends and FamilyPlay with a premade group 4 times
Earn 1000 points from time spent playing or winning games
1000 XP

Winterblessed Missions

First Tiding – Herald the WinterblessedGet 100 Crowd Control Score
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games
Second Tiding – Who Is Polaris?Play 2 games of ARAM
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games
Third Tiding – Who Becomes Polaris?Get 40 Takedowns
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games
Fourth Tiding – Can Polaris Die?Deal 50,000 Physical Damage to Champions
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games
Fifth Tiding – Where Does the Aurora Come From?Heal 25,000 Damage on Champions
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games
Sixth Tiding – What Wonders Can the Aurora Bring?Win 2 Games (TFT included!)
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games
Seventh Tiding – Does Polaris Take Gifts?Deal 40,000 Magic Damage to Champions
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games
Eighth Tiding – Does Polaris Murder?Get a Triple Kill
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games
Ninth Tiding – What Will Polaris Gift Me?Earn 25,000 Gold
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games
Tenth Tiding – Polaris ComethPlay a game with or as Diana, Swain, Warwick, Shaco, Zilean, or Zoe
Earn 500 points from time spent playing and winning games

Note: The XP value of the rewards may differ in-game for some SEA regions, as they’ll be newly added to Riot’s publishing and will have much less time to complete them.

WinterBlessed Event Shop

Chromas, Icons, and Borders

  • Winterblessed Warwick (Prestige + Icon) – 2000 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Warwick (Wreathguard Chroma + Icon) – 300 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Warwick (Border + Icon) – 250 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Shaco (Wreathguard Chroma + Icon) – 300 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Shaco (Border + Icon) – 250 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Swain (Wreathguard Chroma + Icon) – 300 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Swain (Border + Icon) – 250 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Zilean (Wreathguard Chroma + Icon) – 300 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Zilean (Border + Icon) – 250 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Zoe(Wreathguard Chroma + Icon) – 300 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Zoe (Border + Icon) – 250 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Diana (Wreathguard Chroma + Icon) – 300 Tokens
  • Winterblessed Diana (Border + Icon) – 250 Tokens

Little Legends Eggs

  • Little Legends Rare Egg – 300 Tokens
  • Poggles/Burno Egg – 600 Tokens
  • Neon Nights Egg – 600 Tokens


  • Winterblessed 2022 Orb – 200 Tokens
  • 125 Mythic Essence + Icon – 2200 Tokens
  • Mystery Emote – 60 Tokens
  • Random Champion Shard – 50 Tokens
  • 3 Keys – 180 Tokens
  • 1 Key – 60 Tokens
  • 1 Key Fragment – 20 Tokens
  • 100 Blue Essence – 10 Tokens
  • 10 Blue Essence – 1 Token

Loot and Loot Bundles

A single Winterblessed 2022 Orb contains 1 random Skin Shard and multiplies your Mythic Essence drop rate by 1.5. Each orb also grants a 3.5% chance to drop a Winterblessed 2022 Grab Bag. The Winterblessed 2022 Exclusive Pack can only be purchased with the 50 Orb Bundle listed below.

Worlds 2022 Grab Bag


  • 3 Skin Shards worth 975 RP or more.
  • 4 Skin Shards worth 1350 RP or less.

Bonus Chance

  • 10 Mythic Essence

Worlds 2022 Exclusive Pack


  • 3 Skin Shards worth 1350 RP or less
  • 4 Skin Shards of any value
  • 4 Skin Permanents of any value

Bonus Chance

  • 10 Mythic Essence


WinterBlessed Skins

  • Winterblessed Warwick – 1350 RP
  • Winterblessed Diana (Legendary) – 1820 RP
  • Winterblessed Shaco – 1350 RP
  • Winterblessed Swain – 1350 RP
  • Winterblessed Zilean – 1350 RP
  • Winterblessed Zoe – 1350 RP

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