Nexus Blitz has already lost 70% of its player base in the second week

Nexus Blitz has just returned in patch 10.15 about two weeks ago and comparing to the first week, it has already lost around 70% of the player base in the second week.

Nexus Blitz is the only experimental mode in League of Legends that was first introduced back in 2018. As it only lasted for one month in 2018, a lot of players were asking Riot Games to make its return in 2020.

Riot eventually heard players request and they brought Nexus Blitz back in the League of Legends on patch 10.15 Spirit Blossom event. This time Riot made some significant changes to the map which is set in an Ionian forest. They also added some new game modes, Dragon soul, Elder Dragon buff, a golem/guardian that attack every time enemy invades, and many more.

As League players were hyped about the Nexus Blitz, the player count skyrocket in the first week of its release. In the first week of patch 10.15, Nexus Blitz had 10M+ matches based on Plat+ Elo players. However, as pointed out by u/God-DarkAngel, according to Lolalytics, Nexus Blitz only had 3M+ matches in the second week of patch 10.15, which is around 70% lower than the first week.

And in the last couple of days, a lot of players have also reported that they are unable to find games in more than 5 minutes and they have lost their interest from the game mode.

Why Nexus Blitz is losing its player base?

Golem is a great addition from Riot’s perspective as it helps to prevent players from invading the jungle, but for players, it was totally opposite. Soon after playing a few games a lot of players have expressed their opinions on Reddit how much they are hating Golem in Nexus Blitz.

A lot of players have also pointed about the Elder dragon buff or Dragon souls rewards as they think these rewards are the way to “overpowered” for Nexus Blitz. Some players also think the “slay/protect the bot are just plain awful.”

And in order Nexus Blitz to have a constant player base League players are also suggesting some changes like nerfing golems early/remove them entirely, removing the Elder buff, getting rid of uncontrollable bots, and adding some fun new game modes.

Nexus Blitz is going end on August 24th, 2020 so it is very unlikely that Riot will bring some major changes on patch 10.16. And if the player base continues to drop like that Riot might be ended up not bringing it in the future as well.


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