A leak reveals League of Legends 151st champion Samira’s potential look, release date, and abilities

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image Via Riot Games

Brazilian streamer Streamie who recently leaked Lillia and Yone has now revealed some more information about League of Legends’ 151st champion Samira.

According to the 2020 champion roadmap, there will be five new champions this year. Riot Games has already revealed two champions the dreamy jungler Lillia and the masked assassin Yone in the Spirit Blossom event. But there is still no clear information about the sensational mage, ultra-heavy tank support, and thrill-seeking marksman yet.

However, recently on the PBE, Riot teased a new mystery emote called ‘Style: Rank S‘, and on that emote’s game file Riot has mentioned the name “Samira”. After discovering the new name a lot of League players were convinced that Samira is going to be the 151st champion in the game.

And now a Brazilian streamer Streamie has shared some more information confirming the new champion as Samira. She previously leaked Lillia, Yone, and the Spirit Blossom skins way before Riot’s announcement, therefore a lot of players think these new pieces of information about Samira are most likely going to be real as well.

Samira’s potential look

Brazilian streamer Streamie recently made a YouTube video claiming that she has seen Samira’s art and abilities. And a Reddit user u/Jepeseta has translated most of the thing Streamie said on her YouTube and stream.

Samira's potential look
Image Credit: Streamie taken from u/Jepeseta’s Reddit Post

Streamie revealed the potential look of the 151st champion Samira on her stream where she said, “She’s a really pretty champion that will sell lots of skins.” She also mentioned that Samira is going to be a “female Rambo”.

Samira’s Possible Abilities

Brazilian streamer claims that there’s something about Samira is very “jawdropping”. She also mentioned on her Twitter that Samira is going to be “easy to play” with two weapons a gun and a dagger.

One of her abilities is going to be the mixture of Katarina’s R, Irelia’s W, Urgot’s W, Nunu’s R. Samira’s ultimate is going to be very similar to Katarina’s ultimate but she is going to throw daggers and bullets instead. She also going to have an ability that reflects damage.

Samira’s Possible Release Date

Based on u/Jepeseta post, Samira is most likely going to be revealed on the patch 10.18 PBE cycle and fully release on patch 10.18.

Brazilian streamer also claims that the next champion that is going to be released after Samira is “Seraphine“. So, in order to really figure out if these leaks are true or not, fans have to wait until Riot’s official announcement.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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