League of Legends new champion Yone: release date, abilities, stats, skins, gameplay, and more

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Image Via Riot Games

Riot Games has finally revealed the masked assassin Yone and here’s everything you need to know.

A couple of months earlier Riot introduced the 2020 champion roadmap featuring a dreamy jungler Lillia, a masked assassin, and a thrill-seeking marksman. Lillia was released on patch 10.15 and as Riot announced earlier that they will release two champions in the summer event everyone was excited for the masked assassin as well.

There’s been a lot of speculations for the last couple of months around the masked champion. And finally, after months of waiting, Riot Games has unveiled the 150th League of Legends champion Yone, the Unforgotten.

Reveal trailer

YouTube video

Yone Release Date

Yone is currently out in the PBE and he will be reunited with Yasuo on the Summoner’s Rift on patch 10.16, Thursday, August 6.

For patch 10.16, Riot has also announced the Spirit Blossom skins for Ahri, Cassiopeia, Kindred, and Riven. And now, Yone will be joining into the Spirit Blossom skin line as well.

Patch 10.16 is expected to be release on Wednesday, August 5.

Yone Base Stats

  • Base HP: 550
  • HP5: 7.5
  • HP Per Level: 90
  • HP Regen Per Level: 0.15
  • Base MR: 32
  • MR Per Level: 1.25
  • Base AD: 60
  • AD Per Level: 2.5
  • Base Armor: 28
  • Armor Per Level: 3
  • Attack Speed Per Level: 2.5
  • Base Move Speed: 345
  • Attack Range: 175

(Base stats are based on PBE stats)

YouTube video

Yone Abilities

Passive: Way of the Hunter

Via Surrender at 20
  • Yone uses two blades, causing every second Attack to deal 50% magic damage.
  • Yone’s Critical Strike Chance is doubled but his critical strikes deal 10% reduced damage.

Q: Mortal Steel

Via Surrender at 20
  • Yone thrusts forward, dealing physical damage to opponents. On hit, he gains a stack of Gathering Storm. At two stacks, Yone can dash forward with a wave that makes enemies airborne.

W: Spirit Cleave

Via Surrender at 20
  • Yone cleaves forward in a massive arc, dealing a portion of the target’s maximum health. After successfully hitting an enemy, Yone also gains a temporary shield. The shield’s power increases per champion struck.

E: Soul Unbound

Via Surrender at 20
  • Yone can enter his Spirit Form, gaining movement speed and leaving his body behind. When Yone’s Spirit Form expires, he’ll snap back into his body and deal a percentage of all the damage he dealt with while in Spirit Form.

R: Fate Sealed

Via Surrender at 20
  • Yone strikes all enemies in his path, blinking behind the last enemy hit and knocking everyone airborne towards him.

Some Early Gameplay Info

Riot Reav3 shared some of the early Yone gameplay info on Reddit.

  • Yone doesn’t have any kind of mana, and he can reactivate his E – Soul Unbound early.
  • During his E, Yone can cast anything. For example, he can use summoner spells, can cast the second part of Q, activate his W, and so on.
  • Reav3 said, His E combined with R gives him insane target access to get to squishies, kill them and then safely return to his body location, assuming he does that from a safe distance.
  • Yone can E, flash, and R someone, similar to Azir.
  • Yone’s W’s Cooldown is reduced by Attack Speed
  • Answering to a question regarding Yone’s visuals, Reav3 said, “We intentionally made him tall/thin to give him that undead samurai feel.”

Yone Skin Splash Art

Base Yone:

Base Yone skin
Image Via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Yone:

  • Release Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020.
  • Price: 1350RP

Splash Art:

Spirit Blossom Yone
Image Via Riot Games


Spirit Blossom Yone
Via Surrender at 20

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