Patch 10.16 to feature Volibear, Syndra, Nocturne, Sett Nerf and Ziggs, Neeko, Veigar, Evelynn Buff

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The biggest patch of season 10 is being previewed which will bring changes to a lot of meta and underwhelming champions.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the summer playoffs and worlds patch 10.16. And this patch has to be the biggest patch yet in season 10 as Riot is planning to buff fourteen champions while nerfing ten champions.

On patch 10.16, the second set of the Spirit Blossom Event is going to be released with the masked assassin Yone and new Spirit Blossom skin for Ahri, Cassiopeia, Kindred, and Riven.

Ziggs Buff Patch 10.16


  • AP ratio: 30-50 >>> 50%
  • Damage to towers: 200 >>> 250%

Ziggs is one of the lowest picked champions in League of Legends with just a 1.3% pick rate in patch 10.15. The last time he received any kind of changes was also on patch 10.2. And due to his low presence, Riot is finally planning to buff him in the upcoming patch 10.16.

Neeko Buff Patch 10.16


  • Initial damage: 70-250 >>> 80-260
  • Bloom damage: 35-115 >>> 40-120

Although Neeko was released on patch 8.24, she rarely had the moment where she would be considered as an overpowered champion. Currently, on patch 10.15, she only has a 1.1% pick rate and she has been maintaining that pick rate for quite some time now. Thus, Riot is planning to buff her on patch 10.16.

Veigar Buff Patch 10.16

  • MR: 30 >>> 32

Veigar did receive some buff on patch 10.6 but his win rate and pick rate are still very similar to Ziggs and Neeko. Therefore, he is also receiving buffs on patch 10.16.

Evelynn Buff Patch 10.16

  • Hate Spike (Q)
    • Cooldown lowered from 8 to 4
    • [Removed] NO MORE HATE: Hitting a monster no longer refunds 50% of Hate Spike’s cooldown

Riot is planning to bring Evelynn into the lane by giving her some noticeable changes on patch 10.16.

Volibear Nerf Patch 10.16

  • Q Movement Speed: 15-35% >>> 10-26%

Reworked Volibear went from having the lowest win rate to one the highest with his buff on patch 10.12. Therefore, Riot did nerf him on patch 10.14. But apparently even with that nerf, currently on patch 10.15, he still has a 52.53% win rate in the jungle while also having a 26.6% ban rate. As a result, Riot is planning to nerf him once again on patch 10.16.

Syndra Nerf Patch 10.16

  • Q Damage: 70-230 >>> 70-210

Syndra has been a meta pick for high Elo and the pro games for a long time now. Even with the nerf on patch 10.13, Syndra still has around 73.8% presence in the pro games. And as patch 10.16 is focused on summer playoffs and worlds, Syndra is again scheduled to receive nerf on patch 10.16.

Nocturne Mid Nerf Patch 10.16


  • Cooldown: 10 >>> 14
  • Basic attacks against monsters and champs refund: 2 >>> 3s

Even with his recent nerfs on patch 10.7 and some bug fixes, Nocturne mid still has one of the highest win rates in the mid lane. Currently, on patch 10.15, he has around a 53.05% win rate, hence, he will be getting nerf once again on patch 10.16.

Sett Nerf Patch 10.16

  • W Damage: 80-180 >>> 80-160
  • E Damage: 50-170 >>> 50-130

Riot slammed a bunch of nerfing to Sett already but, pro players are still abusing him in competitive games. As a result, despite having only a 49.55% win rate in the soloq, Sett is on the patch 10.16 nerf list once again.

All these new changes will hit PBE soon and it will ship into the live servers on patch 10.16.

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