Yasuo, Akali, Fiora, and Jax are getting buffs on patch 10.16

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Yasuo, Akali, Fiora, and Jax League of Legends’ one of the most popular champions are getting buff on patch 10.16.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the summer playoffs and worlds patch 10.16 today. As the patch is focused on world and playoff, Riot is planning to bring changes to a lot of champions, including Yasuo, Akali, Fiora, and Jax buff. All these new changes will hit PBE soon for testing and will go into the live servers on patch 10.16.

Yasuo Buff Patch 10.16

  • MR: 30 >>> 32
  • R BASE DAMAGE: 200/300/400 >>> 200/350/500

Yasuo had an average win rate with around 40% ban rate on patch 10.11, which resulted in him getting nerfs on patch 10.12. They nerfed his base HP, his passive shield, and increased his W cooldown.

But soon after getting that nerf his win rate dropped significantly and currently on patch 10.15, Yasuo only has a 47.96% win rate in the mid lane and 46% win rate in the top lane. As a result, in order to give some of his strength back, Riot is buffing him on patch 10.16.

Akali Buff Patch 10.16

  • E Damage type: Pysical >>> Magical
  • Q BASE DAMAGE:  30/55/80/105/130 >>> 35/60/85/110/135

Akali had a roller coaster ride on Season 10. Earlier this season she was so obnoxious that Riot had to nerf her multiple times. And with all these nerfs her win rate dropped to around 40%.

Therefore Riot buffed her on patch 10.7 and 10.12, but apparently her win rate didn’t improve at all. Currently, on patch 10.15, she only has a 46.74% win rate making her one of the lowest win rate champions in the game. And it seems like she will be getting another buff on patch 10.16. With these new buffs she has to be the champion to look at in the World.

Fiora Buff Patch 10.16

  • Q Cooldown: 16-8s >>> 13-6s
  • Q Refund on hitting enemy: 60% >>> 50%

Fiora is totally opposite to Akali, as on season 10 she is one of the few champions who has not received any kind of buffs or nerfs. However, even with no kind of changes, Fiora still has a 50% win rate. And with this new buff, she will definitely have an impact on pro games.

Jax Buff Patch 10.16

  • E Cooldown: 16-8s >>> 14-8s

Jax also has similar stats as Fiora, he also didn’t get any changes in season 10 and his win rate is also around 50%. And with this new buff, we might see the return of the split push king back in the pro games once again.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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