Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Trundle, and Varus are to receive nerfs in patch 10.12

Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Trundle, and Varus are in Riot Games’ target list to receive nerfs in the upcoming patch 10.12.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted today previewing the patch 10.12. Nerfs of Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Trundle, and Varus will hit PBE soon and after testing it will hit the live servers on patch 10.12.

Yasuo Nerf Patch 10.12

  • HP: 523 ⇒ 490
  • Passive Shield: 100-510 (levels 1-18) ⇒ 115-525 (levels 1-18)
  • W: 26/24/22/20/18 seconds ⇒ 30/27/24/21/18 seconds

If we take a look into the ban rate we can clearly see that Yasuo is a low elo stomper. He currently has an around 50% ban rate in Plat-Iron elo according to u.gg. But his win rate in Master+ elo is quite high as well.

Although Yasuo did not receive any buffs in season 10 other than some hotfixes, Riot is yet to nerf him in the upcoming patch 10.12.

Varus Nerf Patch 10.12

  • AD Per lvl: 3.11 > 3
  • Q: tAD ratio 1.1 attack damage (1.65 maximum) ⇒ 1.0 attack damage (1.5 maximum)

As we previously reported that, Varus currently has around 80% ban rate in Korean Master+ elo, Riot is finally nerfing his annoying poke damage in the upcoming patch 10.12.

Trundle Nerf Patch 10.12

  • HEALTH 616.28 ⇒ 616
  • MANA 281.6 ⇒ 281
  • MANA REGEN 7.508 ⇒ 7.5
  • W: Movement speed  30/35/40/45/50% ⇒ 20/28/36/44/52%

Trundle previously got nerfed in patch 10.8 because of being overpowered in Pro and high Elo. But according to his win rate, it seems like his nerf in 10.8 didn’t affect him at all.

He still has around a 52% win rate in Plat+ elo. As a result, Riot Games is nerfing some of his strength in patch 10.12.

Cassiopeia Nerf Patch 10.12

  • HP: 575 > 560
  • Armor: 20 > 18
  • MR: 30 > 34

Cassiopeia just received her VFX update in patch 10.11 with increased ultimate range, but it seems like Riot is not liking her buffs and immediately nerfing her in patch 10.12. With Conqueror staking Challenger players are kinda abusing her as she has around 54% win rate in the high elo.

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