More ADC changes are incoming on patch 10.16

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Patch 10.16 will some more changes to ADCs including Tristana, Lucian, & Miss Fortune buff and Ashe nerf.

Season 10 is already halfway through but the state of ADC is very uncertain. Besides some meta champions like Ezreal, Varus, and Aphelios rest of the ADC are kinda out of the meta for quite some time now. Riot Games however nerfed those meta champions to the ground as well.

Today, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the summer playoffs and worlds patch 10.16. And it seems like they are planning to buff some weak ADCs like Tristana, Lucian, and Miss Fortune on patch 10.16 while nerfing one of the meta champions Ashe.

Ashe Nerf Patch 10.16

  • Q Attack speed: 20-60 >>> 20-40%

On patch 10.15 where every meta ADC is nerfed to the ground, Ashe somehow found her way to become the meta champion in League of Legends. Currently, she has over 52.47% win rate with a 25.7% pick rate and 17.3% ban rate. As a result, Riot is planning to nerf the only viable ADC on patch 10.16.

Tristana Buff Patch 10.16

  • E: [NEW] Damage is increased by 1% per 2% crit chance

Tristana hasn’t received any kind of significant changes in season 10, besides that 10.11 buff. As a result, she is currently one of the lowest picked champions with just a 48.88% win rate. Ahead of the World patch Riot is planning to give her some strength so test her out.

Lucian Buff Patch 10.16

  • Q Damage: 85-225 >>> 95-235
  • R Shots: 20-30 >>> 22-34

Riot gave Lucian some decent buffs on patch 10.11 ADC rebalance patch and later buffed him again on patch 10.13. But his win rate didn’t improve what so ever, as on patch 10.15 he still has a 47.71% win rate in the bot lane. And with this new buff, there is a chance that he will be back in the current meta.

Miss Fortune Buff Patch 10.16

  • AD: 50 >>> 52

Miss Fortune was a meta ADC at the start of season 10 as a result Riot had to nerf her a couple of times later on. Although she received a small buff of patch 10.11, she was out of meta by then. Currently, she also has a 49.78% win rate with just a 4.2% pick rate. And this new buff will positively help her to be relevant in the current meta once again.

All these new changes will hit PBE soon and will go into the live servers on patch 10.16

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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