Rakan, Morgana, Nautilus, Bard, and Karma are the supports to receive changes on patch 10.16

Patch 10.16, the biggest patch yet is going to bring changes to five support champions.

Today, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the summer playoffs and worlds patch 10.16. And it seems like patch 10.16 will bring nerfs to Nautilus, Bard, and Karma while support champions like Rakan and Morgana will be getting some buffs.

Rakan Buff Patch 10.16

  • R Movement speed: 50 >>> 75%

Rakan has been out of meta throughout the entire season 10. Even with the recent buffs on patch 10.13 and 10.15, he is still struggling to shine among other support champions. Currently, on patch 10.15, he only has a 49.68% win rate with just a 3.7% pick rate. And ahead of the World patch Riot is planning to buff him in patch 10.16.

Morgana Buff Patch 10.16

  • Q Cooldown: 11 >>> 10s

Morgana also didn’t get any kind of major update in season 10, besides that patch 10.6 changes where Riot wanted to make Morgana jungle a viable option. She currently only has a 49.69% win rate in support but her ban rate is still around 29.0% because of how annoying her black shield is. And with this new buff, she might be a new champions pros are going to look forward.

Nautilus Nerf Patch 10.16

  • W Shield base: 60-100 >>> 45-85

Although Nautilus didn’t receive any major changes in season 10, he has been one of the meta support picks for the entire season 10. He has been picked in 195 pro games already in the summer split where he has around 59% presence. As a result, ahead of the summer playoffs and worlds, Nautilus will taste some nerfs on patch 10.16.

Bard Nerf Patch 10.16

  • HP: 575 >>> 560
  • W Full power heal: 70-230 >>> 55-215

Bard has been one of the most impactful support champions since patch 10.4. Which resulted in him getting his first nerf ever on patch 10.5 and later on patch 10.9. However, even with these two nerfs, Bard still has one of the highest win rates in League of Legends.

On Master+ Elo bard currently has a 55.13% win rate with over 16.6% pick rate. His win rate in patch 10.15, Plat+ Elo is remarkable as well. And on top of that, he also has over 60% win rate in the summer split. Therefore, he is getting some nerfs on patch 10.16 once again.

Karma Nerf Patch 10.16

  • Q Mana cost: 50-70 >>> 65
  • Q Cooldown: 7-5 >>> 9-7s

Although Karma only has a 49.8% win rate with a 12.5% pick rate, Riot thinks she is not balanced. Hence, they are nerfing her on patch 10.16.

All the new changes will go into the PBE for testing and will hit live servers on patch 10.16.


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