Yorick, Ryze, Gnar, and Rakan are getting buffs on patch 10.13

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Some big buffs are hitting to some of the underrated champions on patch 10.13.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the patch 10.13 today. And it seems like patch 10.13 is going to feature buffs and nerfs to a bunch of champions which includes buffs to Yorick, Ryze, Gnar, and Rakan.

Yorick Buff patch 10.13

  • R: Leash Range 900 >>> 700 (She now follow you if you leave this range)

One of the most forgotten champions in League of Legends, Yorick is finally getting some attention in patch 10.13. Although he has a 50% win rate, his pick rate is one of the worst in the game or in other words non-existent. Therefore, he is getting some buffs to his ultimate in patch 10.13.

Ryze Buff patch 10.13

  • MR: 34 >>> 36
  • AD: 56 >>> 58

Ryze has officially taken the Volibear’s spot for having the worst win rate in League of Legends in patch 10.12. He currently only has a 45.48% win rate with just a 2.4% pick rate.

Although he received two buffs in Season 10 already, patch 10.8, and 10.6, he is still struggling to pass that 46% win rate mark for quite some time now. Thus, Riot is giving some of his strength back in patch 10.13.

Gnar Buff patch 10.13

  • E (Hop): Attack speed 20-60 >>> 40-60%

Just like Ryze, Gnar also received buffs two times in Season 10 but he is still striving to achieve an average win rate. His pick rate is also lower than 3% in almost all Elos. And patch 10.13 buff might bring him back once again in the meta.

Rakan Buff patch 10.13

  • W: Damage 70-270 >>> 70-290

Although most of the support champions are having a blast in the current meta including Yuumi who pretty much has a 100% pick or ban rate, Rakan is different. He is one of the few champions who didn’t get any changes in Season 10 and on top of that he also has the least impact as a support champion in Season 10. As a result, Riot is buffing him in patch 10.13.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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