Ryze, Orianna, Urgot, Evelynn, and Soraka are to receive buffs in patch 10.8

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games is planning to buff Ryze, Orianna, Urgot, Evelynn, and Soraka alongside few other ADC champions in the upcoming patch 10.8.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted today previewing patch 10.8. Although the main focus of the patch is to rebalance the ADC meta, they are also planning to buff Ryze, Orianna, Urgot, Evelynn, and Soraka in patch 10.8.

Ryze Buff

  • Health: 570.48>>>575
  • Attack Damage: 55.04>>>56
  • Q: Movement speed when consuming 2 runes 20-40>>>28-44%

Just after receiving buffs in patch 10.6, it seems like Riot is planning to buff Ryze once again in patch 10.8. As Ryze’s kit suits pro plays more than solo queue games, those changes in patch 10.6 didn’t help him at all. He is still sitting with just a 48% win rate in ranked games. As Ryze struggles early game this health buff will kinda help him sustain in the laning phase.

Orianna Buff

  • W: Speed and slow amount 20-40>>>30-50%
  • E: AP ratio 0.4>>>0.5

Orianna is very similar to Ryze where she fails to outperform most of the meta mid lane champions early game. The last time Riot buffed her was in patch 9.19, and after that, they didn’t touch her until now. Orianna currently only has a 47.73% win rate in the mid lane. And these buffs in patch 10.8 might actually help her to get a positive win rate.

Urgot Buff

  • Q: Damage 25-205(+0.7tAD)>>>25-225(+0.8tAD)
  • R: Cooldown 120-70>>>100-70
  • E: Bugfix- now properly gets movement speed on dash

Just recently, Riot Games has ended a year-long meme by giving Urgot his well deserved Guardian skin with Pajama Guardian Cosplay skin. And now in patch 10.8, they are giving Urgot buffs as well. If you are a Urgot main what else you could have dreamed of!

Evelynn Buff

  • Q: Damage 25-35>>>30-50 (per spike)

Like Orianna, Evelynn is also getting buff after a long time. Last time in patch 9.18, they buffed her ultimate and now in patch 10.8, they are buffing her Q – Hate Spike damage. And these buffs might help her making herself relevant among other early game jungle champions.

Soraka Buff

  • Base Mana: 375>>>425
  • Q: Mana cost 60-80>>>45-65

Few patches ago, Soraka was considered the best Top lane champion in League of Legends until they nerfed her in patch 10.4. While Riot nerfed her Top lane, they also nerfed her support strength. As a result, they had to buff her again in patch 10.6. But it seems like her buffs were not enough as she only has a 48% win rate with a 3% pick rate. And with this base mana and Q buff, she might be relevant into the meta once again.

Disclaimer: All the changes are currently on PBE testing and Mart Yetter said they are pretty much confirmed for live servers. But, in this testing period, some adjustments may change when they go in live servers in patch 10.8.

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