Soraka is getting a buff in patch 10.6

One of the most dominant champion few patches ago, Soraka is getting a buff in the upcoming patch 10.6.

Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends, Mark Yetter tweeted today that they are planning to buff Soraka in the upcoming patch 10.6.

New Soraka Buffs:

  • Q: Total heal 40-80>>50-90
    • Q movement speed 10-20>>15-25%

Soraka was one of the most dominant champions in the top lane with more than 56% win rate. She also had great success in the pro plays in Top lane. As a result, in patch 10.4 Soraka received some serious nerfs.

With her nerf in patch 10.4 and then support item changes in the patch 10.5 completely removed her from the Top lane as well as from the support role. When Riot realized they over nerfed her, they did hotfix her with some buffs.

Currently in patch 10.5, Soraka top is non-existence and she only has a 47.98% win rate with only a 3.75% pick rate in the support role according to These numbers clearly show how bad she is even in her primary role.

With the new changes, she will be able to heal 50-90hp which is 20hp more than what she used to have when she was broken in the Top lane in level 1. She also regained her 5% more movement speed from her nerf. With these changes, Soraka might be a steady balance champion in her primary Support role.


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