Yuumi has the highest ban rate worldwide on patch 10.12

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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The Magical Cat now has the highest ban rate in almost all the major regions on patch 10.12.

Since her release on patch 9.10, Yuumi gradually became one of the strongest support in League of Legends. Her initial release was not that great as she received an immediate hotfix buff on patch 9.10. But it didn’t stop there she also received numerous changes on Season 9 including a mini rework on patch 9.24. In season 9 alone from patch 9.10-9.24, she received changes/bugfixes/hotfixes ten times.

Even with all the changes, she was an average support champion in season 10. But things turned out real quick when Riot decided to give her a hotfix buff on patch 10.3. She went from having a 1% ban rate to above 40% ban rate in just a few patches after that buff.

But, her current situation is even obnoxious. Currently, on patch 10.12, Yuumi has a staggering 60% ban rate worldwide in Plat+ Elo which is the highest ban rate among any other champion in League of Legends.

On the EUW server, The Magical Cat has an astonishing 78.6% ban rate with a pick rate of 10.7% which pretty much makes her a 100% pick or banned champion. On other major regions like NA and EUNE, she also has a 70% and 74% ban rate respectively. Even in minor servers like Brazil, Oceania, Russian, LAN, LAS, and Turkey she has above 60% ban rate according to u.gg.

But based on stats it seems like, in the Eastern regions Yuumi’s ban rate is not that high at all. In the Korean server, she only has a 34.2% ban rate where in Japan she has 28.9%.

In the last couple of months, players have been complaining about Yuumi on League of Legends subreddit. Some players are just straight-up calling Yuumi “the biggest mistake Riot has ever made”. A lot of players including some pro players are also showing their frustration, as Yuumi is escaping from nerfs even with this high ban rate.

Yuumi has a unique kit that literally makes her untargetable whenever she is attached to any of her allies. And many players are suggesting in order to balance Yuumi, Riot Games definitely need to do something about it.

Besides Yuumi, Volibear and Ezreal are also dominating in patch 10.12. And if their dominance continues, Riot might be ended up nerfing them in the upcoming patches.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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