Volibear just went from having the lowest win rate to one of the highest in patch 10.12

With the recent buff in patch 10.12, the thunderous demigod currently has one of the highest win rates in League of Legends.

Reworked Volibear went into the live servers in patch 10.11, after winning the public vote for a full gameplay update. In the rework, he received a completely new look while also getting a unique kit.

After the release, it didn’t take long for players to figure out how underwhelming he is to play with. League of Legends’ subreddit was full of complaints and on top of that, the reworked Volibear had one of the lowest win rates in League of Legends history after Day 1.

Which lead Riot Games to give him a hotfix buff after Day 5, increasing his Q movement speed and E’s damage. Unfortunately, the hotfix didn’t help him at all as he had around a 40% win rate for the entire patch 10.11.

But, in patch 10.12, Riot decided to give him even more buffs to fix his win rate. The buffs featured increased mana and health per level, improved Q and R. The patch 10.12 also had some core bug fixes and few misc updates.

Image: Riot Games

Although Riot Lutzburg said the goal of 10.12 buff was to get Volibear close to a healthy, sustainable spot, apparently it seems like they kinda overdid with Voli this time.

Volibear is currently sitting around a 53.21% win rate in the jungle which is the highest win rate among any junglers with a 6% pick rate. In Plat+ Elo he also has around a 52.65% win rate which is the 2nd highest among junglers. His win rate in the Top lane is around 51.51% with a 6% pick rate which is quite impressive as well.

Based on stats, the thunderous demigod just went from having a 40% win rate in both jungle and Top lane to a 53% win rate monster. And surprisingly, Volibear is also getting Fiddlesticks vibes. When Fiddlesticks was reworked back in patch 10.7, he also had a low win rate, therefore, he was undergone a bunch of buffs which ultimately made him the best win rate jungler is patch 10.11. Thus, Riot had to nerf him in patch 10.12 to take some of his strength back.

If Volibear’s win rate continues to stay like this, it’s only a matter of time until he has the same fate as Fiddlesticks.


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