Volibear is getting a hotfix buff just after day 5 of his rework

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Volibear is getting his well-deserved hotfix buff just after day 5 because of his disastrous win rate.

Reworked Volibear entered into the Summoner’s Rift roaring but players soon found out that he is a little underwhelming to play in both the Jungle and top lane. League of Legends subreddit was also full of complaints about how weak he is.

But, Today, League of Legends Champion Designer Nathan Lutz announced that they are pushing some Volibear hotfix buffs in patch 10.11. And Riot Scruffy revealed what the changes are on his latest tweet.

Reworked Volibear Hotfix

  • Q: Movement Speed 10-30% > 15-35%
  • E: Bonus damage 60-180 (+7-13%) > 80-200 (11-15% of target’s max hp)
  • E: Non-champion damage cap increase by 50 at all ranks

The thunderous demigod was certainly not having fun in the rift as he had one of the lowest win rates after Day 1 in League of Legends history with a 35% win rate in the jungle.

Even after Day 5, Volibear has less than 40% win rate in both jungle and top lane which clearly shows how desperate he was in need of this buff.

Increasing a 5% movement to his primary engage tool might actually help him getting an average win rate. Twenty damage increase in his E is also something players are going to look forward to.

Volibear is just up for five days and players need time to understand his kit, thus, Riot should definitely look forward before they give him another buff after this or Volibear will just become another Fiddlesticks.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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