Reworked Volibear has one of the lowest win rates after Day 1 in League of Legends history

Volibear’s rework hit live servers on patch 10.11 but his day 1 win rate is one of the lowest in the League of Legends history.

Riot Games introduced Volibear’s rework in one of the most drastic ways possible after winning the public vote for the next rework. Riot teased his fresh new look in multiple teasers and they even featured him in Howling Abyss. And to celebrate his rework, Riot Games is also giving away the horror-themed Thousand-Pierced Bear skin for free.

Image: Riot Games

But, after stepping into the Summoner’s Rift the thunderous demigod is certainly not having fun in the jungle or in the top lane.

After day 1 of his rework release, Volibear is currently sitting at 37.43% win rate in the Top lane and 35.97% win rate in the jungle according to Which is the 2nd lowest win rate to ever recorded in League of Legends history after day 1 rework release.

Even with the 35.97%, he couldn’t beat Syndra’s record for the lowest win rate as Syndra only had a 27% win rate after her rework.

Is the reworked Volibear really that bad?

Players have been complaining how bad the rework Volibear is on the League of Legends subreddit. Some think despite having a unique kit Riot should buff him immediately where others think players need time to play him correctly.

When Fiddlesticks was reworked back in patch 10.7, he had a similar issue. Fiddlesticks also had around 40% win rate after his rework which let Riot to hotfix buff him immediately. But it didn’t solve there, Riot had to give him three more back to back buffs to make him impactful and not to mention he currently has one of the highest win rates in the jungle.

Regarding the new reworked champions win rate, Riot Games previously said, “For most normal champs or VGUs, we see their win rate climb over the first few weeks as players learn to correctly play them. But a certain type of champion design that is very trickery focused can have a similarly steep learning curve for opponents, as they get familiar with the types of tricks that they should be looking out for when playing against them”.

Thunderous demigod’s win rate might be one of the lowest in the game, but players are yet to figure out his best build, rune, and playstyle. And when players finally manage to figure out his new kit, it’s only a matter of time when Volibear’s win-rate skyrocket just like Fiddlesticks.

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