Fiddlesticks, Lux, Gangplank, and Hecarim are to receive buffs in patch 10.11

Patch 10.11 featuring Fiddlesticks, Lux, Gangplank, and Hecarim buffs.

Patch 10.11 has been all about buffing ADCs so that they can be relevant in the meta once again. But, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter revealed, they are also targeting other champions which includes Fiddlesticks, Lux, Gangplank, and Hecarim buffs and Graves, Talon, Janna, and Syndra nerf.

All the changes are hitting PBE soon for testing and will ship into the live servers on patch 10.11.

Fiddlesticks Buff Patch 10.11

  • Passive: TIME BEFORE EFFIGY POSING 1 second ⇒ 2 seconds
  • Q: Will terrify enemies when casting while posing as an effegy
  • W: Damage to minions 60% ⇒ 40%

Since his rework in patch 10.7, Fiddle is not having fun in the summoner’s rift. He was undergone with three buffs already but apparently, Riot is planning to buff him once again in patch 10.11. Not to mention, Fiddlesticks currently has the highest win rate in the jungle according to

In Diamond+ Elo where people understand how to use him properly, he has above 51% win rate. But he is quite suffering in the lower Elos, which might be the main reason why he is getting buffs in patch 10.11.

Lux Buff Patch 10.11

  • E: DETONATION SLOW Additional 0.25 seconds after damaged by E2 ⇒ Additional 1 second after damaged by E2

Lux might be getting new skins in almost every new patches but her current state is devastating. She nither has a good win rate in Mid lane nor in the support. Although her win rate is around 50% below Plat Elo, her win rate in Diamond+ Elo fall drastically. And with this 10.11 buff, she might find some breathing room once again.

Gangplank Buff Patch 10.11

  • Attack speed ratio: 0.658 > 0.69

Gangplank has below 50% win rate in almost all Elos and finally, Riot Games is buffing him in patch 10.11. Gangplank might not be everyone’s bread and butter but this buff might help him to regain some of his power once again.

Hecarim Buff Patch 10.11

  • Q: Damage 55/95/135/175/215 ⇒ 60/102/144/186/228, Minion Damage reduction 33.3% ⇒ 40%

Unlike Gangplank, Hecarim was buffed recently but he is still striving to get above 50% win rate. As a result, Riot Games is buffing Hecarim in patch 10.11, so that, he can compete against other junglers.

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