Graves, Talon, Janna, and Syndra are getting nerfs in patch 10.11

After many patches of dominating Talon is finally getting nerfs in patch 10.11 alongside Graves, Janna, and Syndra.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted today previewing the patch 10.11. And it seems like they are finally nerfing Talon and Graves alongside Janna and Syndra. All the changes are hitting PBE soon for testing and will ship into the live servers on patch 10.11.

Talon Nerf Patch 10.11

  • Q: Mana cost 30 > 40, Healing on kill 20-71 > 10-71 (by champ lvl)

As Talon is one the strongest champions at this moment in League of Legends, players have been furious about how he was able to escape from nerfs for so many patches. He is currently sitting around 53% win rate in Plat+ elo and around 54% win Diamond+. As a result, Riot Games is considering him overpowered in Skilled (Plat – Diamond) elo and gutting him down in patch 10.11.

Graves Nerf Patch 10.11

  • Q: FIRST SHOT DAMAGE RATIO 1.0 bonus attack damage ⇒ 0.8 bonus attack damage

Graves currently has an astonishing 20%+ pick rate in Elite (Diamond 2 – Challenger) elo with a new rune Phase Rush. High Elo players have been abusing him since his buff in patch 10.5 after discovering a perfect new rune for him.

Although his win rate is around 50%, he has around 60% ban rate in Master+ elo which clearly shows how much players hate him in higher Elos. As a result, Riot is nerfing him in patch 10.11.

Syndra Nerf Patch 10.11

  • E: Cooldown 16-12 > 18-14

Syndra is another champion who is currently being abused by Master+ elo players with Phase Rush. She also has a strong presence in Challenger games with a 53% win rate and a 20% pick rate. But, unlike Graves, Syndra is also dominating Pro games. As a result, Riot Games is nerfing some of her strength in patch 10.11.

Janna Nerf Patch 10.11

  • W: Damage 55-195 > 55-175

Janna’s nerf might be surprising to some but she is actually one of the best support champions in Skilled (Plat-Diamond) elo. With Arcane Comet, she currently has a 52% win rate which is the second highest win rate among supports with an 8% pick rate. Thus, Riot Games is nerfing her in patch 10.11.

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