A perfect reworked Fiddlesticks ultimate can now fear all five enemy champions at the same time

Riot Games has revealed reworked Fiddlesticks in the scariest way possible. And talking about scariest, the newly reworked Fiddlesticks ultimate can now fear five enemy champions at the same time.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter, revealed on Twitter that a perfect ambush reworked Fiddlesticks R can now fear every enemy champion at the same time.

Mark Yetter also revealed that his new passive now instantly terrify an enemy when he ambushes them from the fog of war. This new passive can be used for extra burst damage when dealing with the enemy solo.

And when it comes to team fight with the help of his new passive, Fiddlesticks will be able to fear all the enemy members at the same time if he can lend it perfectly from the fog of war. One thing to note when ulting with Q passive on he will be not able to fear the same target twice in a row. This means when passive fear triggers you can not use your Q again on the same target.

The new reworked Fiddlesticks is planned to go into the live servers in the patch 10.7 and it will hit the PBE servers soon for testing.

reworked Fiddlesticks look
Image: Riot Games

Reworked Fiddlesticks Abilities

*Note: Detailed abilities are not revealed yet and will update as soon as they are revealed.


His passive has been changed completely with a new name A Harmless Scarecrow. With his new passive Fiddlesticks trinket now replace with an unmoving copy of Fiddlesticks on the map. This copy grants vision like regular wards.


His Q remained the same as before with a new passive on it. With the help of his new Q passive, when Fiddlesticks is in the fog of war he can now terrify an enemy with any kind of damage.


From what can be seen from the newly revealed video, he can now drain the souls of all nearby enemies within his W range.


Fiddlesticks E has also been changed. He can now silence his enemy if the enemy gets hit in the center of his E. And his E will damage and slow if it does not get hit in the center.


Reworked Fiddlesticks R has remained the same.

Riot Games has revealed the new reworked Fiddlesticks in the scariest way possible as the reveal teaser was pretty much the same as a horror movie. And now when his ability is revealed as well he is now one of the scariest League of Legends champions of all time. And now the time will only tell how balance the new Fiddlesticks is.


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