Riot Games is launching Champ Select Report from patch 10.14

Riot Games confirms reporting afkers/trollers in champ select is tentatively on track for patch 10.14.

Riot Games received a lot of backlash from the League community when some popular streamers started to call out Riot for their lack of action towards inters, trollers, or afkers. In response to that, last month, Riot Games revealed their short and long term goals against game running players.

Following up on their previous statement, Riot Games’ game director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon discussed more about the game running behavior on today’s dev post. Where he confirmed that the new champ select reporting is tentatively on track for patch 10.14.

Riot is currently testing the new reporting system, but there is a high chance that the new reporting system might be pushed back to Patch 10.15. Meddler also added that “Muting in champ select is currently scheduled to appear at the same time as reporting.”

The data that Meddler revealed on today’s dev post clearly show that Intentional Feeding, AFK, and Sabototaging teammates are having a higher negative impact on gameplay than Ping harassment, Encouraging forfeit and other game running behaviors.

Thus, Riot Games will be changing their approach to detect inters/AFKers and their punishment system.

“We rely too much on behavior in a single game very clearly crossing the line of what’s unacceptable.” Meddler said. “That means players can skirt the line repeatedly in many games without being penalized.” So, from now on they will be checking cross-game behavior to detect inters as well.

Riot is also planning to give temp bans to the players who tend to go AFK too often. But, they did agree that their detection algorithms are “too basic” which they are planning to improve as well.

Former pro player Voyboy replied to Meddler by saying, “Thank you to everyone working on this for taking solid steps towards improving the game. A vastly improved algorithm to deal with game ruining behavior could definitely deal with a good % of current problems. Keep it up and looking forward to seeing the next steps.”

Riot Games also plans to bring some more changes like champ select report throughout the year.

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