Karthus, Trundle, Bard, and Nami are receiving Nerfs in patch 10.9

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games is planning to nerf five champions in the upcoming patch 10.9.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted today previewing the patch 10.9. Karthus, Bard, Trundle, Wukong, and Nami are the five champions that being targeted by Riot Games to receive nerfs in patch 10.9 and these changes will hit PBE soon for testing.

(Disclaimer: win rate and pick rate may vary at the time of you are reading.)

Karthus Nerf

  • Movement Speed: 335 > 325

Karthus is one of the most overpowered jungle champions right now with the recent jungle changes in patch 10.8. He currently has a massive 52% win rate in Diamond+ elo. His pick is also relatively high with a 7.2% pick rate.

As a result, Riot Games is considering Karthus as overpowered in Elite means in Diamond 2-Challenger games and nerfing his movement speed by 10.

Trundle Nerf

  • R: cooldown 100-60 > 120-80

Trundle currently has the highest win rate among any other jungle champions thanks to that patch 10.8 jungle buff and his buff in patch 10.2.

As he has a 59.06% win rate in Plat+ elo with a 3.9% pick rate. But Riot Games also thinks he is overpowered for Pro games as well. As a result, they are shutting him down in patch 10.9.

Bard Nerf

  • W: movement speed 50 > 30%
  • W: cooldown 12 > 14
  • E: cooldown 18-14 > 22-16

Riot Games is considering Bard as overpowered in Elite means in Diamond 2- Challenger games. As Bard has a 51% win rate with 11%+ pick rate in Diamond+ games and an 80% win rate win almost 9% pick rate in Grandmaster games, Riot Games is planning to nerf him once again in patch 10.9.

Until patch 10.5, Bard was the only champion in League of Legends who did not receive any kind of nerfs. But due to a high win rate, they nerfed him for the first time in patch 10.5 and now again in patch 10.9.

Nami Nerf

  • Base HP: 489.32 > 475
  • Base Mana: 277.24 > 265
  • Passsive Movement speed: 60 > 45

Riot Games is considering Nami as overpowered on average means in Iron-Gold games. Nami has above 50% win rate in silver-gold elo and a massive 62%+ win rate in Iron games. As a result, Riot Games is nerfing Nami in patch 10.9.

Other Patch 10.9 changes:

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