Riot Games teases potentially new champion “Samira” on the latest Easter Egg game files

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A new champion possibly named “Samira” has been teased by Riot Games on the latest easter egg game files.

In the 2020 champion roadmap, Riot Games has announced that there will be five new champions in 2020. Riot has already revealed two champions the dreamy jungler Lillia and the masked assassin Yone for the Spirit Blossom event. However, Riot has not revealed any kind of information about the other three champions the sensational mage, ultra-heavy tank support, and thrill-seeking marksman yet.

But on the PBE, Riot has teased a new mystery emote called ‘Style: Rank S‘ and on that emote’s game file, League players have found a new name mentioning “Samira“. After discovering the new file a lot of players are now convinced that it might be the name of the upcoming new champion who is going to be released after Yone.

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Riot also made similar easter eggs for Lillia and Yone as well. Riot first mentioned about the masked assassin who refuses to die back in the 2020 champion road map and didn’t give any kind information about him for months. League players, however, found out some easter eggs about Yone on Yassuo’s death animation and later on the Spirit Blossom Thresh’s voice line. And after months of speculations Riot finally revealed Yone who is scheduled to release on patch 10.16. For Lillia, Riot also had some easter eggs for her as well.

Based on the game file it is now pretty much confirmed that Samira is going to be the League of Legends 151th champion. But it is still uncertain what role Samira is going to have in League of Legends. But after taking a look into the game file, there is a high chance that Samira is going to be that thrill-seeking marksman.

League of Legends’ 150th champion Yone is already going live on August 5, 2020, and if Samira is the next champion after Yone, there is a high chance that we will see some more information about Samira on patch 10.17 PBE.

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