Will Nexus Blitz be permanent or when it is going to end?

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Nexus Blitz has returned into League of Legends on the 2020 Summer event and a lot of fans are wondering if Riot will ever make this game mode permanent.

Nexus Blitz is an experimental mode in League of Legends that was first introduced back in 2018. Although the mode only lasted for a month, it received a lot of attention from the players. Fans enjoyed the game mode because of its fast-paced gameplay with some random events. And ever since its first introduction, League players were asking for its return once again.

Thus, on the Spirit Blossom event Riot has decided to bring back the Nexus Blitz on League of Legends with a bunch of new tweaks. Soon after release it also attracted thousands of players and a lot of fans were asking to make it permanent.

Fans want Nexus Blitz to be permanent

League players are currently enjoying the fast-paced game mode. Although a lot of players are saying that the mode is a little bit of snow bally, they are still appreciating it.

On Reddit, a player said, “Nexus Blitz must become a permanent game mode. It is what new players need to get better at the game.” Plenty of other players are also asking to make the experimental mode permanent.

Another player also said on Reddit to “consider running Nexus Blitz on the weekends only if it sees a rise in player base.” Even if Riot doesn’t want to make it permanent, players are asking to make the mode return in at least on the weekends so that they can continue enjoying it.

When will Nexus Blitz End?

A lot of players might be asking to make it a permanent game mode, Riot Games however has no plan to make the game mode permanent any time soon.

Before its release, Riot Games confirmed that the mode will be in League of Legends from patch 10.15 to patch 10.16. This means Nexus Blitz is going to end on August 24th, 2020 (11:59 PM PDT).

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