Riot Confirms Mythic Items Are Getting Removed In Preseason 2024

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Mythic Items have been a huge topic of conversation, as Riot has confirmed they are going away.

Riot added Mythic Items to League of Legends a long time back. It was added in hopes of giving players a feeling of making something strong and nice. Now, it seems like Riot does not feel the same way about it anymore.

In previous instances, Riot devs have talked about how the system has too many flaws. It does not quite fit many champions, and it has caused quite a paradigm in League of Legends. This caused Riot to make some big changes.

In Patch 13.10, Riot decided to change and shuffle Mythic items for ADCs and more. While that helped alleviate problems, the core issue was not addressed. Riot mentioned at the time that this would be a last-ditch effort to see if the Mythic item system worked.

There were already murmurs of Riot removing the Mythic system, and it is a good idea if they can replace it. It seems they might have found it, as Riot informed players in the latest dev video that Mythic items are being removed. Here is what we know so far.

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Mythic Items Being Removed

In the dev update video above, Riot Pupulasers talked about the Mythic Items being removed. The reasoning is due to Mythic Items being too restrictive for many champions, and it caused some problems with itemizations.

A number of Riot devs have talked about this issue before, as there were too few Mythic items to fit too many different types of Champions. So, Riot has decided to remove the system and change how items work.

For now, Riot has said that they will adjust the current Mythic items to not be the big item of a build. Other than that, not a lot was mentioned. Riot Pupulasers also mentioned that we are going to hear more about items in the near future when they are revealed.

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