Preseason Removed From League of Legends 2024

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot is set to remove Preseason from League of Legends in 2024.

Preseason has been the bedrock of testing out new changes in League of Legends-. While PBE has always been there for testing reasons, it does not get enough time to get proper feedback. So, a lot of the time, we see further balance changes depending on how they landed in the game.

With that said, a lot of the patches come in quick succession, as the time between patches is generally once every two weeks. These balances are necessary to keep the game fresh and allow players to adapt.

Now, Riot has come out and said that Preseason is set to be changed by Riot in such a way that there is no such period for it in the official servers. Here is what we know about the system.

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Preseason Removed in 2024

In 2024, Preseason is going to change a lot. Normally, we get Preseason changes with the last one or two patches of the past season. Now, it will work differently as the gameplay changes will be deployed in Patch 14.1 in 2024.

This system will also carry over for future seasons. Coincidentally, Patch 14.1 will land in January 9, 2024, the day Ranked Split 1 of 2024 starts. So, Riot is putting in the new changes with the start of the new Ranked Split.

For testing reasons, PBE will be getting the gameplay changes on November 20, 2023. After a long period of testing, January 9 will see those changes in the official servers.

This is a huge undertaking by Riot to balance things and deploy them. Players will be skeptical of the process, given how Riot has not been great at it in the past. Regardless, we will have to see how Riot handles this situation and whether we get a proper Preseason under the new system.

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