Riot Reveals New Faerie Court Skins for Patch 13.6

A new skin line is coming as Faerie Court graces League of Legends in Patch 13.6

League of Legends comes up with new skin additions to existing skin lines or brand new ones every patch. In Season 13 so far, we have received skins for the Lunar Revel 2023 in the form of Mythmaker and Lunar Gods skins. Also, since then, we have gotten skins for the Astronaut skin line along with new thematics in Heartbreak and Heartthrob, and Broken Covenant.

This shows Riot is still committed to injecting new skins every patch and creating more thematics this year. As you can see above, Riot has created more skins lines for the individual events of the year, along with a new theme in Broken Covenant.

We already knew of the new Faerie Court thematic that was coming to League of Legends, as it was teased in an official video earlier in the season. From that, we knew of Faerie Court Kalista and Karma coming to the skin line. Since then, Faerie Court Milio has joined the cosmetic roster.

With that said, Riot has now revealed the new Faeria Court skins in action, as eight new skins are being inserted into League of Legends. Another Legendary skin and Prestige version of a cosmetic is entering the fray. Here is what we know of the skins so far.

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Faerie Court Skins

The Brand New Faerie Court thematic will be released in Patch 13.6 alongside Milio, the upcoming champion in League of Legends. This skin line will be based on the Faerie Theme and how the different types of Faeries make up the Court to guide their race. Faerie Court Karma leads the pack as the Legendary skin, while Prestige Faerie Court Katarina is also coming.

We have eight skins in the Faerie Court, including a Legendary and Prestige skin. Here they are as follows.

Release Date

The Faerie Court skins will be released in Patch 13.6 on Thursday, March 23, 2023.

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