Faerie Court Milio Skin: Splash Art, Price & Release Date

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The upcoming Milio skin, Faerie Court Milio, has been revealed.

Milio, The Gentle Flame, has finally arrived, and with him comes The Fairy Court, one of the most anticipated skin lines of 2023 in League of Legends.

This Faerie Court skin line is set in a magical land full of beauty, enchantment, nature, and majesty. Within the land, the Faerie Queen is the mightiest. She presides over the seasons and empowers all the faeries and magic within the land.

Riot initially unveiled the Fairy Court skin line in the Season 2023 LoL Pls video posted a couple of months ago. There Riot also shared some details about this European folklore-inspired skin line and revealed two of the skins that will be coming with it, Faerie Queen Kalista & Faerie Court Karma. Now with the reveal of Milio, we can add Faerie Court Milio to the list.

Apart from these three skins, we will most likely see additional skins for the Faerie Court skin line. Though which champion will get the skins hasn’t been revealed yet. But we can expect more news about the skins after Patch 13.5 officially comes to the live servers.

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Splash Art

Faerie Court Milio
Image: Riot Games


Faerie Court Milio will be an Epic tier skin; thus, it will cost 1350 RP.

Release Date

Faerie Court Milio will debut in Summoners Rift alongside the rest of the Faerie Court skins in Patch 13.6, scheduled to release on Thursday, March 23, 2023.

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