Riot Reveals New Astronaut 2023 Skins

In a recent reveal, Riot shows off the five new skins being added to the Astronaut skin line.

Riot has released quite a fair bit of skins in the past few months for League of Legends. With new skin lines like Empyrean coming to the fold and old skin lines like Bewitching and Spirit Blossom getting more additions is nice. A while ago, we got the Lunar 2023 Skins which featured two different skin lines in Mythmaker and Lunar Gods.

Patch 13.3 will introduce some brand new skins for Valentine’s Day, as Heartthrob Caitlyn, Heartbreaker Vi, and Heartbreaker Amumu is being released soon. For Patch 13.4, we will be getting some brand-new Astronaut skins.

So far, we have nine skins in the Astronaut skin line as champions like Teemo, Nautilus, Corki, Bard, etc., have cosmetics for it. With the new additions, we will add five more skins to the Astronauts. Here is what we know so far.

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Astronaut 2023 Skins

Ivern, Singed, Fizz, Xerath, and Kennen join the fray in the additions to the Astronaut skin line in 2023. It has been a long time coming for Ivern to get new skin. The additions to the other champions are also great, considering none of them are really some of the most popular champions in the game. All in all, this is a good cosmetic update for the niche player bases.

Confirmed Astronaut Skins 2023

As mentioned earlier, here are the following skins coming to the Astronaut skin line in 2023.

  • Astronaut Fizz
  • Astronaut Ivern
  • Astronaut Kennen
  • Astronaut Singed
  • Astronaut Xerath

For now, we can expect the skins to be at least Epic. We will provide more updates about the skins once the splash arts are released, along with more info about the rarities. For now, we know for sure that some of the more niche champions in League of Legends are getting some love.

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