New Lunar Skins Revealed For League of Legends 2023

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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League of Legends is getting new Lunar Skins for 2023, as two new skin lines are on the block for Release early next year.

League of Legends Preseason is ongoing, as Patch 12.23 is going to be released very soon. The upcoming patch will release reworks for Zeri, Dr. Mundo, Tahm Kench, etc. Also, there will be more jungle adjustments and other system changes being done soon.

This will lead to the new season at the start of next year, as Season 13 will be here soon. Ranked Changes are already coming in 2023, along with several other stuff. As part of every year, Lunar Skins will be released at the start of the year as well. This is to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Last year, Lunar Revel 2022 received Porcelain and Firecracker skins. These skin lines released cosmetics for Ezreal, Lux, Amumu, Kindred, Lissandra, Xin Zhao, Tristana, Diana, Sett, and Teemo. Just like in 2022, Lunar Revel is also getting two skin lines in 2023. Here are the skins coming in the upcoming year.

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Lunar Skins 2023

There are two different skin lines coming in Lunar Revel 2023. These skins are under the name Mythmakers and Lunar. There was also a video to show the skins in action. Thus, there are more skins coming soon, and here they are as follows.

Mythmaker Skins

The mythmaker skin line will be introducing skins for various champions. Here is the list of the skins in the Mythmaker skin line.

  • Mythmaker Garen
  • Mythmaker Galio
  • Mythmaker Irelia (Legendary)
  • Mythmaker Sivir + Prestige
  • Mythmaker Zyra

All the Mythmaker skins will be Epic, while Mythmaker Irelia will be a Legendary cosmetic.

Lunar Skins

Just like the Mythmaker skins, there are a number of Lunar Skins coming in 2023. Here they are as follows.

  • Lunar Empress Ashe
  • Lunar Emperor Kha’Zix
  • Lunar Guardian Malphite
  • Lunar Empress Qiyana
  • Lunar Emperor Thresh

All the skins are expected to be Epic Skins.

Release Date

The Release Date for the Lunar Empress and Mythmaker Skins is expected to be released in Patch 13.1. The patch will be landing sometime in January 2023. The exact date is still unknown, but we should know about it soon.

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