League of Legends is Getting Ranked Changes in 2023

The Ranked System of League of Legends is getting changes in 2023.

League of Legends has introduced a lot of new things in Preseason 2023. The jungle changes, new ping system, and items were the highlight of the first preseason patch, Patch 12.22. There were many other changes

Patch 12.23 is set to introduce multiple mini-reworks to Kassadin, Zeri, Tahm Kench, etc. There are also several changes coming to Patch 12.23. Riot always begins their preseason process after the season ends.

Season 12 ended a while back, and we are now in Preseason 2023. The ranked season end date signals the end of a season. Also, when a season ends, the ranked rewards are also rolled out, as Victorious Sejuani was the prize for players ending in Gold or Above.

Thus, this brings us to the future ranked seasons, as Riot intends to make changes to them. Here is what we know so far from Riot’s official post.

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League of Legends Ranked Changes 2023

There is so much to dive into with this announcement by Riot. It is a total reconfiguration of the ranked system and rewards given out. Let’s start with the ranked system first and then move to the reward changes.

Ranked System 2023

The new ranked system is going to be more lenient than ever. It is also being split up into two with more rewards for players. The change to the ranked system is as follows.

  • The ranked System will now have two ranked resets.
  • There will be two Splits, with each ending in a reset and rewards.
  • Split 1 will start in January, while Split 2 will start in the middle of the year (the exact time is unknown).
  • The promotion Series between Tier (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Etc.) is being changed from Best of Five to Best of 3.
  • Visible Rank Influence is also being reduced from matches.

About Visible Rank Influence, Riot Auberaun talked about it as he clarified the changes. It seems that the system was influencing matchmaking negatively, so they are removing it.

Other than that, this seems to be a change to get more players to play Ranked and feel more rewarded for it. We hope to know more about this system soon. Let’s now move on to the new rewards and structure to get them.

Ranked Rewards 2023

The ranked rewards are also being changed, as Riot will be giving better rewards. Furthermore, each split will be given its own Victorious Skin as a reward. Victorious Skins will no longer be Gold or above rewards but rather dependant on how much players play games.

Victorious Skins will now be awarded to players below Gold as long as the person plays much more games than the higher ELO players. Furthermore, if any player achieves Gold in the split, they will receive the skin regardless of dropping back down to a lower tier.

Other than the victorious skin, playing games will earn split points based on wins and losses, wins will give more points than losses. These split points will earn better rewards in terms of milestones, like previously. The new rewards will be the likes of Hextech Keys, Hextech Chests, and other goodies.

Also, ending a split in Gold and above tiers will earn players exclusive chromas based on how far up they end in the ranks. All in all, this is a complete turnaround to reward players that put in the time and effort to play ranked and climb up.

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